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We have seen a rapid growth in event management industry. With every passing day, the complexities associated with event management are also on the raise, therefore, trying to manage everything manually leaves room for errors; errors that might cost you in form of ill organized event or even worse, a failed event. Even if you manage to avoid major disasters, you still might overlook certain things that may act as a speed bump for your otherwise smoothly running event. Continue reading »

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Introduced in 1995 by James Gosling, Sun Micro Systems, Java is considered as one of the best application development language. It was built with a goal to create a platform independent language. In last two decades, Java has matured and gained a reputation of being very secure, fast and robust programing language. It is this reputation because of which Java is preferred to design & build most critical applications. Though the popularity of Java has seen a little slump in past few years due to emergence of other programming languages, Java still rules the enterprise domain. Continue reading »

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

A new version of dynamics AX application is available now and Microsoft has taken it to a whole new level. The latest version of dynamics AX is cloud first. What does it mean? Dynamics AX updates will be made at any hour facing downtime complications to business process. There is no need to wait for new versions anymore to update the application. Continue reading »

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New and enhanced features in SharePoint 2016

The general availability of SharePoint server 2016 for the public is very near and its time we looked little deeper into the new features of SharePoint 2016. Continue reading »

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Your business has started growing and you are already involved the building the subsequent steps for further success, it is when you come across a large decision that you have to take; do you go with an off-the-shelf software or you should invest in developing a custom software?…Sounds familiar?

It might sound “simple” and “safer” to opt for a pre-packaged software readily available in the market, but… Continue reading »

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