When you outsource, you save money… At least that is what most of the people think when it comes to outsourcing mission critical work, such as development of software. There is no doubt that outsourcing gives you the advantage of very low labour rates. So why would you spend around $80,000 to $150,000 a year, when outsourcing could get it done for around $40,000. Sounds simple, right?

The truth is, there is lot more to that.

Outsourcing could definitely save you a fortune, if it is done right. I’m sure many of you have heard someone preaching ‘outsourcing succeeds, only if you have prior experience in it’ or something similar to that. Well, it is not the complete truth. To throw some perspective on what I mean, let’s take an old axiom which I find equally ambiguous –‘practice makes a man perfect’. Continue reading »

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Designing and successfully implementing an intranet and collaboration systems in an organization is considered to be the first step towards growth. In any big company, employees need to share information among them to empower each other through activities like file sharing, sending and receiving emails etc. Document management is very often considered to be one of the important features of SharePoint or to its rival applications. It gives them the ability to approach problems in innovative ways. The reductions in complexities of accessing documents don’t mean weakened security. The access to all the files are secured and audited. The objective of creating a better document management process is to remove all the hurdles for employees to do what they do best. Continue reading »

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HTML5 might be one of the hot topics being discussed among various segments of technology people at the moment. Many of you might already have most of the information about HTML5 by now, but if you are new to this, or sceptical about using it, this article would explain few of the many exciting features (rather advantages) of HTML5 that would make your life a lot easier.

Native Audio/Video
With the advent of social networking web sites (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.) & increasing popularity of the same among the people, developers are constantly compelled to make their web application / sites more interactive by including animation, videos, music & share buttons in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Continue reading »

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In the past few years, the IT industry has seen more and more organisations offshoring/outsourcing their IT service needs.

There has been a constant dramatic evolution of technology. Things like Business Analytics are no longer a luxury; they rather have become a necessity for the business, which requires a specific set of skills to be developed.

Finding the right partners for your varied technology needs and bringing them together to help you run your business hassle free is vital. It especially takes the front seat in a scenario where you might have one vendor for your ERP system, another vendor for your CRM system, third vendor for your Business Analytics & Custom Applications, fourth vendor for your Mobility needs and so on. Continue reading »

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Any custom built functionality can be added to SharePoint 2013 either by classic SharePoint solutions approach or through SharePoint Apps. Until recently, ISVs and Partners were using classic SharePoint solution approach to deploy add-ons and other functionalities to their SharePoint environment. But in SharePoint 2013 there is an option to build apps for SharePoint 2013 and host them from completely different environment. It has proven to be a better way to expand and extend the SharePoint 2013 functionalities. Continue reading »

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