Assigning the company as tenant in Dynamics 365 Business central On-premise

In Dynamics 365 Business Central, information of multiple companies can be stored in each business database, and you can export all or selected companies to a separate tenant database. The following article helps in assigning the company as tenant while configuring the multitenant environment in Business central on-premise.

Step 1: Open PowerShell in administrator mode and import the NAV admin tool to enable NAV commands in PowerShell

Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Force
Import-Module ‘C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central\180\Service\NavAdminTool.ps1’

Step 2: Import the module by using the command below in Power Shell

Import-Module ‘E:\Dynamics.365.BC.23795.US.DVD\WindowsPowerShellScripts\Multitenancy’ -Verbose


Step 3: Click the show command window and select the command How to move company to tenant

Specify the required fields and run the command

Company Name: Company that you want to move,

Database Name: Specify the Business database,

New Tenant Name: Specify the New tenant name,

Old Tenant Name: Specify the Old tenant name,

Server Instance Name,

Database Server

Note: When we execute the above command, a tenant will be assigned for the mentioned company i.e. the company will be moved to a separate business database and that business database will be allocated to the tenant.


Step 4: Check the SQL server. The new database ‘Cronus’ has been created. And you can see the tenant in Business central Administration tool

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