Attach Documents in Dynamics GP 2013

By using the document attachment functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can attach documents such as requisitions, credit reports and images to master records, transactions, and the individual line items assigned to the transactions. Users can also can view a document that has already been attached or remove an attachment.

Document Attachment Setup

The following steps need to be configured to enable Document Attachment functionality.

  • Open Dynamics GP2013
  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP–>Tools–>Setup–>Company–>Document Attachment Setup
  • Document Attachment Setup window appears as shown below

  • Allow Document Attachments option must be checked
  • Set the default location
  • There is another option available to delete the documents after it is attached
  • Set the maximum file size which is 999.99 MB
  • Click OK to complete the Document Attachment Setup.

Document Attachment Process

Once the Document attachment setup is done, a new pin icon will be enabled in sales and Purchase transaction entry windows.

  • User can attach documents for a particular transaction and/or for every individual items as well

Example of attaching document for a particular sales invoice

Example of attaching document for individual line items

User can attach documents for the following Master records and Transaction Entry windows

Master Records

  • Item
  • Customer
  • Vendor

Transaction Entry Windows

  • Sales quote
  • Sales order
  • Sales fulfillment order
  • Sales invoice
  • Sales return
  • Sales back order
  • Standard purchase order
  • Blanket purchase order
  • Drop-ship purchase order
  • Drop-ship blanket purchase order
  • Shipment receipt
  • Shipment/Invoice receipt
  • Purchasing Invoice receipt
  • In-transit transfer receipt
  • Purchasing return
  • Purchasing return/credit
  • Purchasing inventory
  • Purchasing inventory w/Credit

Hope this helps!!!


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