With more flexible deployment models and licensing, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 positions itself as an evolutionary and cutting edge ERP solution. In the current age cloud-savvy technologies, Microsoft Dynamics GP has the best capacity of matching the requirement and budgets of any business size. Without any compromise to the quality of ERP functionality, GP has the ability to satisfy organizations from small to huge enterprises.

The other big news about Microsoft GP 2016 is, the availability for accessing GP 2016 from any device which supports HTML5. The HTML5 web client will render GP forms as HTML5 web page and hence it can be accessed from any device that supports HTML5. All the features in Dynamics GP will be completely available from android tablet, OSX and Linux and any browser such as Edge, Chrome and Firefox which supports HTML5. Continue reading »

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There might be scenarios where we need to customize 3rd party forms by adding our business logic on top of the existing 3rd party functionality.

To handle this scenario, either Dexterity or VS Tools can be used.

This article explains a method to customize 3rd party forms using VS Tools.

Create an application assembly for the third-party dictionary:

1. SDK for VS Tools needs to be installed.

2. Application assembly (dll files) for default third-party dictionaries like Manufacturing, Project Accounting will be located in VS Tools SDK installed folder.

3. For all other 3rd party dictionaries, create an application assembly by using “Dictionary Assembly Generator” through command prompt. Continue reading »

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Do you want to get an alert in your inbox when some conditions are met in GP? Go for Business Alert tool in GP.

Example: Customer’s credit limit exceeds, Checkbook balance crosses certain limit, Overdue Payable and Receivable Invoices, etc

Use Business Alert to send a message/report to one or more recipients through email.

Here, we have created a sample business alert E-mail notification for exceeding customer credit limit details. Continue reading »

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How to track user activity in Dynamics GP?

Most users are looking for 3rd party audit software to track user activity in Dynamics GP. To their surprise, there is an out-of-box tool available inside Dynamics GP called Activity Tracking which tracks the activities for each user, for each company, or both. Continue reading »

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In Management Reporter, Users may get “Unable to connect to the ‘Company Name’ company. You don’t have access to this company” issue.

The error may occur one of the below reason.

Cause 1:
The server name that is listed in the ODBC on the client’s computer which connects to GP has a different name for the SQL Server in it from what is listed in the Company Settings in Management Reporter.

Cause 2:
The credential might be failed to connect SQL. Continue reading »

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