Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, the next major version of Microsoft Dynamics SL which is about to be released by the end of 2014 is setting up a huge expectations among customers and partners. Let us take a sneak peek at the new features.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 – Web Apps

The future of access to Microsoft Dynamics SL will be the investment in Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps. Written in HTML5, Dynamics SL Web Apps provide browser-based access to view and enter data through a tablet, smart phone or desktop machine which will eventually replace the Business Portal. Continue reading »

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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 provides attractive enhancements for end-users. With a new user-interface and functionality improvements, Dynamics SL 2011 is one of the largest product upgrades for Microsoft Dynamics in years.

We have experience on the latest Dynamics SL 2011 features of the Role Center on Dashboard creation, Business Analyzer Charts (BA) and Quick queries. Read below for an introduction on Role Centers, Activities and Quick Lists.

What is a Role Center?

The Role Center contains activities along with Quick Lists areas to present you quick role-based information from Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 data. When you access the Role Center page with your associated access rights, the Activities you have access to (across modules) will appear to the left side of the Role Center. Continue reading »

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Discounts are percentages associated with quantities or customers or designated plans that reduce the stock base price of an inventory item. Discounts can occur anywhere in the distribution channel, modifying either the manufacturer’s list price set by manufacturer, retail price by retailer or the list price to the potential buyer.


The purpose includes increasing short-term sales, moving out-of-date stock, rewarding valuable customers, encouraging distribution channel members to perform a function, benefit the discount issuer and the sales promotions finally. Continue reading »

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Communicator module of Dynamics SL works along with the project series, providing a more robust & sophisticated way of identifying the pending issues before they arise and alert concerned individuals. Communicator module with its power & authority, perform analysis of the problems and generate notifications.

Employee and Resource Maintenance

  1. Open SL –> Project Controller –> Maintenance –> Employee and Resource Maintenance
  2. Enter the Employee ID , Name , Email user name and select “Both” option in “Send mail To” drop down. This setup will let the communicator system send notifications as Communiator messages and also as Emails. Continue reading »
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We investigated the methodology to handle the Sales Returns along with the Replacements through the Order management system of Dynamics SL. We explored the way to do this and thought of adding this in our blog.

Returns for replacement is a return for credit followed by a new order for the replacement items to be shipped to the customer. Returns for replacement are normally created for one of two reasons.

  1. Wrong item shipped – the item is returned to inventory and posted to the GL with debit to Inventory account.
  2. Defective item Shipped- the item will be labeled as Scrap. The GL posting is to the scrap account. Continue reading »
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