Using Power BI with CRM

The functionality enabling to work with CRM and Power BI together gives you the opportunity to create reports out of your CRM data in a simple excel sheet and also facilitates you to publish/share the report across your organization.

Power BI tools help you connect to any external or internal data systems and edit them in an easy to work with excel format without tampering with the real data, make analysis and create reports.

Power Query helps you to connect to OData feed and various other data sources. You can just connect and access your CRM data by signing in with your organizational account. And once it gets connected, all your CRM entities will appear on the right side of your excel workbook. This lets you select the ones that you want to work with and edit. Continue reading »

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What is Big Data Analytics and what it can offer an organization?

What is big data analytics?

In current scenario, data is produced in all sizes and forms faster than ever before. Big data analytics is nothing but capturing and combining these data for comprehensive insights and faster decisions. Analyzing a large volume of data to reveal unseen trends, unidentified correlation, customer preferences, current market trend and to predict scope for your products in the near future. It is one step further to that of traditional business intelligence, which deals with less volume of structured data compared to big data analytics. Continue reading »

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PASS Summit 2014 – II

The following is a continuation of the previous blog post PASS Summit 2014

Microsoft is changing the way we need to think about data. Microsoft has given us 3 good tools to work with big volumes of data. They are

1. Azure Data Factory – Retrieve data from the past
2. Azure Stream Analytics – Analyze the data in real-time
3. Azure Machine Learning – Predict the future trends based on the current data Continue reading »

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PASS Summit 2014

We got a chance to exhibit at the SQL PASS Summit at Seattle. We are going to share some of the information about the events that took place during the summit through a string of blog articles.

During the SQL PASS Summit 2014, DBAs and other technical people around the world gathered to attend the sessions conducted on various concepts, tools and technologies like Power BI, Performance management, Azure etc. Most of the sessions were aligned towards Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, MS Office and other Microsoft related products. There were about fifty companies who exhibited their products/services in the Summit. Continue reading »

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Extracting Data from Multiple Excel sheet using Multiple Tags

Follow the steps given here to know exactly how to extract data from various Excel sheets using multiple tags.

Step 1 Create few samples with Excel with DimCustomer or DimEmployee from Adventures Works Database. Continue reading »

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