Installing Master Data Services

Find the step by step procedures on installing the master data services given here.

Step 1: Click on the Master Data Services folder present in All Program — > Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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Problem with SSIS – OLEDB Destination – When there is a Composite Key in Table

Few Months back, we were working on a task with respect to OLEDB Source and Destination. We extracted data from Heterogeneous Source and dumped the data into SQL Server Database tables. Everything was going fine. Few days later, we added a Composite Key for the table columns, which was then deployed in the production environment.

After a while, we noticed that few rows [Almost 20 Million Rows 🙂 ] were missing from the box and so we decided to analyze the reasons behind it. We were too curious as to what was happening in the database after applying the Composite Keys. So we took a sample data as shown below and went on doing an RND as follows. Continue reading »

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How to create SQL Server Analysis Services Partitions using AMO?

Create a partition according to the current date. For example, if today is September 21, 2012 the T-SQL script will create a partition named Internet_Sales_2012 as shown.

If it were the year 2013, the partition name would be Internet_Sales_2013. The idea for this tip is to create partitions automatically using XMLA and variables. In this tip we are going to use SSIS and Visual Basic, but you can also use C# to automate the partition process in SSIS.

Create a Script Task with code to create the partitions dynamically. To start open the SSDT or BIDS and create a new SSIS project. Once you have a new project started, in the Toolbar choose Script Task and drag and drop to the design pane. Continue reading »

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