Before introduction of Agile methodology, Waterfall model or Linear-Sequential Life Cycle model was the popular methodology for software development. Though it was very simple to understand and use, it had its disadvantages like once the product had gone to testing stage, it was very difficult to go back and make changes to something which was not well thought out earlier. Not only that, it had high risk factor and there used to be no working software until the late development life cycle. These shortcomings along with many others, forced software development industry to rapidly move towards Agile methodology. Continue reading »

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When you outsource, you save money… At least that is what most of the people think when it comes to outsourcing mission critical work, such as development of software. There is no doubt that outsourcing gives you the advantage of very low labour rates. So why would you spend around $80,000 to $150,000 a year, when outsourcing could get it done for around $40,000. Sounds simple, right?

The truth is, there is lot more to that.

Outsourcing could definitely save you a fortune, if it is done right. I’m sure many of you have heard someone preaching ‘outsourcing succeeds, only if you have prior experience in it’ or something similar to that. Well, it is not the complete truth. To throw some perspective on what I mean, let’s take an old axiom which I find equally ambiguous –‘practice makes a man perfect’. Continue reading »

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You might have been taking your morning shower or having your lunch when this brilliant idea about a software product hit you and you had your eureka moment. You know it’s a great concept for your company’s next product, but you don’t have enough technical skill, time, or maybe your development team is already busy supporting your existing products.

What do you do?

You decide to outsource your software development – great idea!

There are three crucial factors that need to be considered in order to make your outsourcing successful. Continue reading »

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A critical consideration factor for clients outsourcing their assignments is to identify the right type of vendor engagement, which would ensure them a tension free project execution with the desired quality standards. Based on the business need, organizations worldwide opt for either single vendor or multi-vendor engagement. While each of these have their own sets of pros and cons, the single vendor architecture is gaining prominence in the recent years owing to additional benefits as compared to the multi-vendor model. Continue reading »

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We see thousands of articles on the internet, where bloggers share their offshoring experience. While a segment of them proclaim offshoring as one of the most successful models, there is another segment which shares its offshoring nightmares. The happy ones are those whose business needs were rightly understood by their offshore development counterparts, who in turn delivered what they exactly wanted. The annoyed ones are those who have had difficulty with respect to multiple aspects with their offshore partner. Continue reading »

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