3 Ways To Make Outsourcing Work

You might have been taking your morning shower or having your lunch when this brilliant idea about a software product hit you and you had your eureka moment. You know it’s a great concept for your company’s next product, but you don’t have enough technical skill, time, or maybe your development team is already busy supporting your existing products.

What do you do?

You decide to outsource your software development – great idea!

There are three crucial factors that need to be considered in order to make your outsourcing successful. Continue reading »

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How an onsite-offshore model works for Software Product Development

Tasks executed by onsite team –

  • While offshore team works on software development, the presence of an onsite teams will give essential assurance to the client on the timely delivery of their product.
  • The entire product development work will be shared between the offshore and onsite team. The onsite team will act as a bridge between client and the offshore development team.
  • The onsite teams will be responsible for understanding the client’s requirements and gathering information necessary for offshore team to work on software product development through direct interaction. Continue reading »
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Three Mistakes to avoid while offshoring software development needs

Expecting huge cost savings right at the beginning

It is surprising that a lot of companies offshoring their software development needs expect huge cost savings right at the very beginning and get disappointed when they see the reality. Yes, offshoring surely helps you see the arbitrage advantage but not immediately as you expected. It takes time.

What people fail to consider is the learning curve of the offshore vendor to become as productive as expected. It might be two to four months before an offshore team can become as productive as an onsite team and sometimes even more depending on the complexity of the project. Continue reading »

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Roslyn Compilers – Asp.net Vnext Feature

In our features about Asp.net vnext, we saw about No compiler developer experience and compiler as a service. The black box magic of compilers is revealed in Asp.net Vnext. It is called Roslyn compilers.

  • Roslyn compilers are next generation of compilers that will come up in ASP.net vnext.
  • Going forward, our dependency on IDE for intelligence, Go to definition and various code analysis tools for code refactoring, code generation to improve our quality increases linearly. As these tools get smarter, they need access to more and more of the deep code knowledge that only compilers possess. Continue reading »
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