Before introduction of Agile methodology, Waterfall model or Linear-Sequential Life Cycle model was the popular methodology for software development. Though it was very simple to understand and use, it had its disadvantages like once the product had gone to testing stage, it was very difficult to go back and make changes to something which was not well thought out earlier. Not only that, it had high risk factor and there used to be no working software until the late development life cycle. These shortcomings along with many others, forced software development industry to rapidly move towards Agile methodology. Continue reading »

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We have seen a rapid growth in event management industry. With every passing day, the complexities associated with event management are also on the raise, therefore, trying to manage everything manually leaves room for errors; errors that might cost you in form of ill organized event or even worse, a failed event. Even if you manage to avoid major disasters, you still might overlook certain things that may act as a speed bump for your otherwise smoothly running event. Continue reading »

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Tasks executed by onsite team –

  • While offshore team works on software development, the presence of an onsite teams will give essential assurance to the client on the timely delivery of their product.
  • The entire product development work will be shared between the offshore and onsite team. The onsite team will act as a bridge between client and the offshore development team.
  • The onsite teams will be responsible for understanding the client’s requirements and gathering information necessary for offshore team to work on software product development through direct interaction. Continue reading »
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