Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 – Top 10 features that Enhances User Productivity

1.1 Role Center –Dashboard for each business user

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011’s Role center dashboards and portal based access to reports provide insight into Inventory, Finance and Supply-Chain management across the depth and breadth of Organizations. The following are the key dashboard features.

  • New activity panes – Graphical representation of data
  • Role-based menus – Can be customized based upon individual users & groups
  • Quick lists – Details of outstanding activity that link to the related screens
  • Enhanced menu search features will let you find what you need in just a few clicks.

Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 – Top 10 features that Enhances User Productivity

1.2 BIO for Dynamics SL – an end-to-end BI and Reporting solution

Business Information Optimization (BIO) for Microsoft Dynamics SL goes beyond eye appealing dashboards to provide the highest value from the SL database across the different roles in your organization.
The mapping or connector to SL provides the deepest and broadest translation of the SL database schema into a value-driven business reporting solution.

  • 60 out-of-the-box operational, strategic, and financial pre-built views.
  • Modify or create new reporting cubes with relevant SL dimensions.
  • Create and model new reporting dimensions and rollups.
  • Establish drill through functionality to transaction level detail on fields of your choice.
  • Establish write back functionality that enables financial, customer, vendor, and inventory budget entry and analysis to actual results.
  • Flexibility in time reporting (day, week, day of week, period, month, and more)
  • Traffic lighting

Dynamics SL

1.3 Business Analyzer – KPIs as Graphical displays

Business Analyzer provides personalized key performance indicators in SL desktop with drill down capabilities to the source data. The Business Analyzer reports can be added into the SL Desktop.

  • Drill back capability -> High level view to specific record
  • Drill through capability -> From Report data to Dynamics SL screen
  • No need of SL workstation in each machine as the reports can be viewed through browser.


1.4 Microsoft Lync Integration – Collaborate on Business Analyzer Reports

Microsoft Lync is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. The Lync Server will let the Dynamics SL users stay connected and can share the BA charts for effective decision making.

Lync Server Provides

  • Video
  • Audio
  • IM Capabilities

MS Dynamics SL

1.5 Quick Queries – Gain real-time access to key reporting data

Quick Query is an ad-hoc tool used to query Dynamics SL Database allowing the user to retrieve data very easily and effectively. It allows user to view, filter and sort and export to Excel without a need of developing Custom reports.

  • Gives the end user over 100 out-of-the-box views
  • Ability to drill back to source transactions directly from the Quick Query Viewer
  • The quick queries can be exported to SSRS and can be deployed into the Business Analyzer report which is a great feature.

Drill back to the original document or maintenance screen in Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Dynamics Solomon

1.6 Advanced Search – Best Search Engine forever

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011, the user can quickly find screens or reports by simply typing in the name or portion of the name of a screen or report in the new search field. On typing a value into the menu search field, the results are displayed. Double clicking on any returned result opens the selected screen or report. Getting to the screens that you need to do your job is now easier than ever.

MS Solomon

The Menu Search box is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen

MS Dynamics Solomon

User can quickly find out the screen or report, just typing the any part of its name in the search field.


The results pane shows any screen or report that contains the search value. Double click on any value in the results pane to open the screen or report.

1.7 Switch Company – Greater flexibility for multiple companies

Use Switch Company in the Microsoft Dynamics SL window to open another company you have access to without closing the one in which you are currently working and then going through the logon process again.

  • User can use this functionality to copy detail lines from one Company document and quickly switch to second Company without logging out of first Company to paste the copied detail.
  • Consolidate process between companies could be done through switch company with ease.

SL 2011

1.8 Export grid data to Excel – Exporting made easy

The Export Grid to Excel button is added to the Application Toolbar of the SL screens. This enables creating a Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet from the information in the grid part of any application screen. The spreadsheet will include column headers in the first line with the Auto Filtering option of the Excel worksheet. Possible values (F3 lookup) can also be exported to Excel.

Dynamics SL 2011

1.9 Advanced Navigation system – Drill Down data

Users can effortlessly drill-down the data to view the source base transactions without navigating to the respective module and search the screens.

MS SL 2011

1.10 Build Favorites Menu – Menu Navigation simplified

  • Now the favorites can be organized as groups very similar to the favorites in IE.
  • Can add external applications (Excel, Word, NotePad) or URLs for web sites in favorites.

MS Dynamics SL 2011

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