Handling returns for Replacement through OM in Dynamics SL


We investigated the methodology to handle the Sales Returns along with the Replacements through the Order management system of Dynamics SL. We explored the way to do this and thought of adding this in our blog.

Returns for replacement is a return for credit followed by a new order for the replacement items to be shipped to the customer. Returns for replacement are normally created for one of two reasons.

  1. Wrong item shipped – the item is returned to inventory and posted to the GL with debit to Inventory account.
  2. Defective item Shipped- the item will be labeled as Scrap. The GL posting is to the scrap account.

How to do Returns for Replacement?

Dynamics SL is having a dedicated order type called RPL to handle the Returns for Replacements Scenario. The behavior of this order type is RMA (Return Material Authorization) to enable the RMA button in the Sales Order screen.

Given below is the walkthrough on creating the Returns on Replacement order in SL:

1. Open Sales Order screen of Dynamics SL
2. Initiate a Sales order creation by selecting the RPL Order Type and the Customer ID.
3. Click the RMA button and Open / Closed Shippers screen will show up.
4. The Summary tab displays the shippers

5. The Details tab displays each line item on each closed shipper for the customer. If you want to copy single line items on a shipper, click on the Shipper ID for the individual line item and then click the Select button.

6. The line item is copied to the Sales Order screen with negative Qty. You can repeat the copy operation for multiple line items by clicking the RMA button each time and repeating the copy steps.


7. For each line item, select values for Disposition and Reason ID on the Line Items tab.

  • Disposition designates what to do with the returned item that is received from the customer. The choices are Repair, Return to Stock, Return to Vendor and Scrap.
    • If Disposition is Return to Stock, inventory will be updated and the posting is to the inventory account.
    • If Disposition is Scrap, then inventory quantities won’t get updated, and the posting is to the scrap account.
  • Reason ID describes why the item was returned.

8. For each returned-for-replacement line item with a negative quantity, create a matching line item with a positive quantity to represent the replacement items that will be returned to the customer.

9. Enter positive miscellaneous charges on the Misc Charges tab.

10. When you finish entering the returns, Click Save & Finish.
11. For the returned-for-replacement line items with a negative quantity, a shipper is created immediately. The order steps on the shipper created for the returned-for-replacement line items are Release for Receiving, Print Receiver, and Confirm Receiving.
12. In Shipment Confirmation, choose Confirm Receipt and check the Release RMA checkbox on the Other Information tab of Sales Order.
13. When the shipper for the returned items is updated, a Credit memo is created in Accounts Receivable.
14. Also the shipper for the replacement items shipped to the customer creates a debit to the customer’s account in Accounts Receivable.

Hope the post is helpful!!


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