How to change the PO status to “closed” for the landed cost items?

Ever wondered why the POs are still in “received” status even if the POs are received and invoiced? There might be a chance that POs are associated with landed cost items. In this case, user needs to follow some steps to change the PO status to “closed”.

The following example clearly explains how to properly close the POs for landed cost items:


1. Create a PO “PO2082” for the item “32 SDRAM”, 10 quantities at a cost of $100 per item.

change PO status to be closed for landed cost items

2. Receive and invoice the PO “PO2082” with Landed cost of $30 using Receivings Transaction Entry screen.

Dynamics GP

3. Now, the PO “PO2082” has been fully received and invoiced but the PO status is still showing as “received” but not as “closed” in Purchase Order Inquiry Zoom window.

MS Dynamics GP

4. This is because; the PO “PO2082” has been received with landed cost of $30 but not matching the landed cost to this PO “PO2082” in Purchasing Invoice Entry window. Hence, we need to follow few more steps for the received PO with landed cost items.

5. First, identify the Landed cost ID used for this PO “PO2082”.

6. In the Receivings Transactions Inquiry Zoom window, click the Expansion button (Blue Arrow) near the Landed Cost Func. Total field.

7. Note the Landed Cost ID and Amount used for the PO “PO2082”.

8. The below are the Landed Cost ID used for this PO “PO2082”.

Landed Cost ID Amount



9. Go to Transactions–>Purchasing–>Enter/Match Invoices.

10. In Purchasing Invoice Entry window, mark LC check box and enter the Landed Cost ID (FREIGHT-US) in Item Number field then click Expansion button (Blue Arrow) near the Matched to Shipment field.

11. In Matched to Shipment window, match the landed cost for the PO “PO2082” as per below screen shots.

GP 2013

12. Follow the same process for Landed Cost ID Insurance.

MS GP 2013

13. Now the Purchasing Invoice Entry will look like the screenshot in Step 14.

14. Verify the Distributions for the Invoice and Post the invoice.

Dynamics GP 2013

15. After posting the Purchasing invoice, PO “PO2082” status has been changed to Closed.

MS Dynamics GP 2013

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