How To Choose The Right IoT Application Development Partner

Today, smart devices have become an integral part of our lives. From smart watches capable of doing more than merely showing the time, to smart medical sensors that help doctors & healthcare professionals to assist patients more effectively, IoT has shown a way to smarter future. This has provided businesses an opportunity to be a part of this emerging market, providing new products.

It is imperative to have a harmonious collaboration between smart sensors, data aggregation, web / mobile apps, and cloud infrastructure for IoT to work. The development of IoT system is a tricky business, which requires one to follow the best practices and utilise cutting edge software & hardware. With the right partner backing your project, you can rest assured of the success.

But how do you decide which partner is right for you?

The answer boils down to few very basic points, which would help you make your decision more easily.

  • Experience in developing IoT projects – A right partner should be able to provide you with case instances where they have worked and successfully executed the project. Reference from their existing / past clients would be advantageous as it would help you to gage the potential of success with that particular partner.
  • Expertise in handling entire IoT application development lifecycle– Often businesses go for multiple technology partners to handle design, test, deploy and manage the IoT solution, which requires one to put greater coordination effort. In many instances it results in confusion & delays in completion of project. Such scenarios could be avoided by partnering with IoT service provider capable of handling the entire development lifecycle, right from conceptualization, to deployment and management of the solution.
  • UI / UX Competency – Application or software need intuitive user interface to be successful, and IoT solutions are not an exception, especially when the solution is consumer oriented. It shouldn’t surprise that there are many system integrators, who specialize / concentrate only on architecture, server infrastructure, and firmware development, while UI / UX being given least priority. In such scenarios, the solution is bound to be doomed. After all, what is the use of a brilliantly built solution if the users find it hard to use. Thus, partnering with a right company which is equally competent in designing intuitive UI along with other technical development is essential.
  • Processes & Practices – We all know the importance of proper processes & practices. Regardless of the industry, product, or service, having respective industry standards, processes & practices in place, helps the development & timely delivery of product / service, without compromising on quality. Ending up with a solution at the end of project that doesn’t perform as expected, is the worst nightmare, it requires a lot of rework which in turn results in overshooting the budget & missing the scheduled release date. All this could be circumvented by partnering with an IoT application development service provider that follows processes & practices meticulously.
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