There might be scenarios where we need to customize 3rd party forms by adding our business logic on top of the existing 3rd party functionality.

To handle this scenario, either Dexterity or VS Tools can be used.

This article explains a method to customize 3rd party forms using VS Tools.

Create an application assembly for the third-party dictionary:

1. SDK for VS Tools needs to be installed.

2. Application assembly (dll files) for default third-party dictionaries like Manufacturing, Project Accounting will be located in VS Tools SDK installed folder.

3. For all other 3rd party dictionaries, create an application assembly by using “Dictionary Assembly Generator” through command prompt.

4. The Dictionary Assembly Generator (DAG.exe) is installed in the location where you installed Visual Studio Tools SDK. Typically this will be the following location:

C:\Program Files (X86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2013 VS Tools SDK

Note: If you are using a 32-bit version of Windows, the files will be located in the Program Files folder.

5. The Dictionary Assembly Generator is a command-line tool and should run from a command prompt. Open a command prompt and set the current location to the folder where DAG.exe is located.

6. Next, find out the 3rd party Product ID from the Dynamics.set file.

7. The above screenshot explains about the default syntax and input parameters.

8. The Dictionary Assembly Generator will build an application assembly for the main dictionary or for the modified forms dictionary.

9. When generating an assembly for the main dictionary, use the /M parameter.

10. For example, the following command generates the application assembly for the main dictionary of the Test Customization.

dag.exe 9949 “C:\Program Files(x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2013\dynamics.set” /M

Here, 9949 is the 3rd party product id

11. Use the above command with the appropriate dictionary id. Now, the 3rd party application assembly “Application.Itppqa.dll” files will be created. It is located in the following location by default

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP2013 VS Tools SDK

Adding the 3rd party assembly in the VS Tools environment:

1. Create a new project in VS Tools environment.

2. Add the “Application.Itppqa.dll” file in the VS References.

3. Now the 3rd party “Itppqa” form, fields, procedures and scripts can be accessed, write your own business logic and build a new dll for the VS Tools project.

We have written a small Hello Word message on the Save button.

4. Paste these two dll files (Dll file created using Dag.exe & Dll file created using VS Tools Project) in the Dynamics GP Addins folder to add the customization in GP.

Before customizing the 3rd party form in GP:

In this from, if the user does not enter any information and click the save button, it will pop up the warning message.

After customizing the 3rd party form through VS Tools:

After customizing the form, if the user clicks the save button first it will pop up the “Hello world” message developed using VS Tools project.

Hope this helps!!!


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