HTML5 MVC4 Razor Responsive Web Template (Especially for mobile and touch enabled devices) Version 1 Released

This template is used to create a set of HTML5 mobile web application easily. This template contains separate sample pages for different devices like Desktop, Mobile and tablet. MVC4 will redirect to the specific page automatically based on User Agent (Mobile, Desktop and Tablet).

This template includes javascript plugins like JQuery, JQuery Mobile, JQuery UI, Knockout Js, Modernizr Js and Customized CSS for styling.

This template will be upgraded with following custom features soon. Stay tuned.

  • Full support to Touch and Mouse functions (Ex: Mouse hover convert to click in the touch enabled devices)
  • Touch scroll inside dropdown
  • All Browser compatibility
  • CSS3 Transform Animation
  • JQuery responsive image slider
  • JQuery Grid with custom controls
  • Customized Dropdown with filter control
  • Switch to desktop view from mobile


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Tags: Mobile
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