Microsoft announces Developer Preview for Dynamics GP 2015

Microsoft has recently announced the availability of the developer preview for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. Any registered Microsoft GP partner can now download it from PartnerSource.

Kevin Racer, Sr. Program Manager Lead with the Microsoft Dynamics GP team made the announcement on the Developing for Dynamics GP blog

This developer preview has four parts to it that could be extracted into a single virtual machine, with a fully functional installation of the new Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Based Architecture (SBA) components.

The preview is aimed at helping partners and ISVs to explore and get used to the new Microsoft Dynamics GP Service Based Architecture. Right now, this cannot be used for customer test or production environments. The new SBA components allow developers to write applications on any platform and integrate with Dynamics GP using REST based web services.

Considerable improvements have also been made to the Dexterity IDE to interoperate with Microsoft’s .NET framework enabling the usage of .NET classes and objects within the sanScript language.

This could be seen as a foundational step towards the vision of Dynamics GP moving towards a fully service based architecture.


Tags: .Net, Dexterity, Dynamics GP 2015
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