Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 and it’s new features

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

A new version of dynamics AX application is available now and Microsoft has taken it to a whole new level. The latest version of dynamics AX is cloud first. What does it mean? Dynamics AX updates will be made at any hour without facing downtime complications to business process. There is no need to wait for new versions anymore to update the application.

New features of Microsoft Dynamics AX
Why is the Microsoft dynamics AX 7 is referred to as Cloud First and Mobile First?

Cloud first in dynamics AX 7 refers to the new cloud optimized platform for public / private deployments. Dynamics AX 7 takes complete advantage of Microsoft Azure cloud platform allowing users to access from wherever and whenever they need it.

According to Microsoft “productivity is about empowering people and not simply enacting artificial technological walls that force people to work in predefined ways”. With that in mind Microsoft has made sure the there is no difference in user experience no matter what device they use to access Dynamics AX 7.

The accessibility is a necessity in any business application these days and Microsoft dynamics AX 7 can be accessed from any smart phone at any time. Dynamics AX 7 UI is specifically designed to be accessed with ease from any mobile without using mouse/keyboard.

What are all the best new features the latest Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 offers?

Updated user experience

No need to install Dynamics AX in devices to access it. The latest Dynamics AX is built in HTML5 which is accessible through web-based client. In simple words, a web browser is all you need to access the new Dynamics AX.

Lifecycle Services Management

With the release of Dynamics AX 7, we can expect better lifecycle service management. Microsoft will expand on existing Lifecycle services which would in turn improve the quality and reliability of Dynamics implementations for any business with much easier deployments.

No more AX versions

Being a cloud first software, there won’t be any new versions of dynamics AX will be released. It will be replaced with incremental updates, meaning the dynamics platform will receive updates automatically whenever necessary. No more compatibility issues with Dynamics AX 7.

Subscription-Based Licensing

Microsoft dynamics AX 7 comes with a more flexible licensing model based on subscriptions and no more traditional licensing which was not suitable for few businesses. With the new model, you can size up or size down your AX licenses according to your requirements

Will there be an on-premise version available?

The latest dynamics AX will be available as on-premise version only after six months from its cloud release.

If you think Dynamics AX 7 is right for your business, contact us to know how we can help you implement AX and increase your business productivity.

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