Microsoft SharePoint for Healthcare Organizations

Information technology have made our life less complicated and now we spend our time more efficiently concentrating on what’s really important to us. With the new innovative solutions every day, business processes in all the industries are now simpler and nothing but effective. Let us see how the booming information technology can aid the most indispensable industry of all, the Healthcare industry. Microsoft SharePoint would be an ideal choice for healthcare organizations since most of its features address exact business requirements.
SharePoint for Healthcare Organizations

Why should a Healthcare organization trust SharePoint to make their services more effective?

Healthcare organization must invest on SharePoint to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals, patients, partners and insurance companies. SharePoint can help Healthcare providers to expand their care for more people at much reduced time by automating almost all the process involved from fixing an appointment to billing.

Physicians can have real time access to patient’s records like past reports and prescriptions, saving time and eliminating the delay in attending their other patients.

Patients can check the availability of their physicians and fix appointments online. Hospitals can reach out to their communities to create awareness about a new disease on how to prevent it and other information.

With SharePoint we can develop an intranet portal for partners and vendors to share information. Stakeholders will have more transparency on overseeing their hospital administrations and ensuring regulations are being followed. Hospital can place orders with their vendor for medical supplies quickly. You can also have a portal developed for patients and employees too.

Necessary insurance company can also be contacted immediately with patient’s policy and provide care without delay.

What exactly can SharePoint do to improve Healthcare services?

  • Develop patient records library using SharePoint to store images, electronic medical records, billing records and electronic prescriptions.
  • Create procurement workflows for medical supplies to alert hospitals when they run low on some critical medicines, so that they may place orders with vendors quickly.
  • Workflow for monitoring patients and creating discharge reports.
  • People can search for physicians to see their availability.
  • Physicians can search for their patient’s record from SharePoint library and view their past diagnosis reports.
  • Most important benefit of SharePoint is document management. Manage any number of patient forms, admission forms, insurance form etc. in SharePoint. Retrieve document at any time in future within matter of seconds. The overhead of maintaining paper records and storing them in cabinets are out of the window.
  • Microsoft SharePoint ensures that all the documents are highly secured. Admin can set permission for different levels of users on accessing the information.

Congruent has wide experience in developing and deploying SharePoint solutions specific to healthcare organizations. We can help you address all your unique requirements with SharePoint out-of-the box features and develop custom add-ons if necessary. If you are currently using any legacy document management application, Congruent can migrate your business operations to SharePoint on-premise or cloud (SharePoint Online) without affecting your core functions. If you already have SharePoint in your organization and looking for improvements, we can help you expand the functionalities of your current SharePoint implementation to address the specific needs of your business. Contact our SharePoint consultants to know more about how SharePoint can be the ideal software for your organization.

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