Attach Documents in Dynamics GP 2013

By using the document attachment functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can attach documents such as requisitions, credit reports and images to master records, transactions, and the individual line items assigned to the transactions. Users can also can view a document that has already been attached or remove an attachment.

Document Attachment Setup

The following steps need to be configured to enable Document Attachment functionality.

  • Open Dynamics GP2013
  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP–>Tools–>Setup–>Company–>Document Attachment Setup
  • Document Attachment Setup window appears as shown below Continue reading »
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Handling returns for Replacement through OM in Dynamics SL


We investigated the methodology to handle the Sales Returns along with the Replacements through the Order management system of Dynamics SL. We explored the way to do this and thought of adding this in our blog.

Returns for replacement is a return for credit followed by a new order for the replacement items to be shipped to the customer. Returns for replacement are normally created for one of two reasons.

  1. Wrong item shipped – the item is returned to inventory and posted to the GL with debit to Inventory account.
  2. Defective item Shipped- the item will be labeled as Scrap. The GL posting is to the scrap account. Continue reading »
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Enhancements in NAV 2013

It’s almost half a year gone since the latest version of NAV got released. There are several new features that have been included to make the product more robust. The improvements have enabled both the developer and users very happy to work with. I have listed some of the features which I personally feel very resourceful.

User Productivity Enhancements:

1. Finding and Filtering Enhancements:

  • We can use Find and Filters on lines of any page.
  • This will be useful for End-users to look for a specific line.
  • In prior versions, we need to look for Actions and Select Filter which users found it to be very difficult to locate and access.
  • Now, it is more visible in the Ribbon, so it is easy for the users to know these features are available and make us of it. Continue reading »
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Few points to consider for a successful Mobile Application

About 15 years ago if you had told someone that you could start your car with a mobile phone; you would have been looked upon as someone who reads lot of science fiction. Mobile phones were a privilege that only few could have; that too with features that offered nothing more than making calls & sending / receiving text messages.

But now, time has changed. Performance of today’s mobile devices has come real close to that of a computer with an appreciative element of mobility, that traditional desktop computer couldn’t offer. Hence, mobile devices (smartphones / tablets) are being preferred over the traditional desktops in many business sectors as well as for personal use. Continue reading »

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Android Studio – Google’s IDE for Android Development

Ever since the launch of Android mobile platform, Eclipse occupied the center stage for Android development environment. Developer community often thought why Google Android does not have its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is during the recently concluded Google Annual Developer Conference (Google I/O 2013), the company announced its rich development environment called Android Studio. Like iOS and Windows Phone environment, now Android has its own IDE to build its Apps. Google worked with JetBrains to build Android Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA. Continue reading »

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