How to extract text from PDF files in Salesforce

While there are many formats to store & retrieve your data digitally, the Portable Document Format (pdf) stands out amidst them thanks to its various features like Security, Reduced size, Password protection & Compatibility. Continue reading »

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Does Custom Software Improve Business Efficiency?

Efficient operation is crucial for any business organization. Business should be structured in such a manner that it facilitates top productivity, efficient spending of money, and a working environment that allows everyone to involve & work at their maximum potential. It not only helps a business to get ahead of its competition, but also helps to stay there. Continue reading »

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Is the necessity of intelligence in a business being overrated, regardless of its size and industry?

The answer is simple. BIG NO.

From a small fruit vendor to multinational manufactures, every business applies intelligence in their process to survive. Both the parties analyze their past record and current scenario to foretell the right amount of sales they could make in the near future. Continue reading »

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How To Choose A Right Custom Software Development Company

I think it would be fair to assume that most of us are familiar with the advantages of a custom software solution over an off-the-shelf software. Once you have decided to go for a solution that would be custom built keeping the needs of your business in mind, you need to decide on which Software Development Company should you go for. Continue reading »

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Custom Components for ‘Lightning for Outlook’

Most of the sales reps are being forced to spend huge amount of time switching from one application to another, just to get the relevant details about the targeted contact person. Which means, the reps are spending more time switching between apps and less time selling, affecting their productivity. Continue reading »

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