Other office apps within CRM
office apps such as SharePoint, Word, Excel, OneDrive and PowerPoint can all be opened within CRM and the CRM mobile app enhancing the productivity of the users by avoiding opening multiple apps. Users can easily return back to the CRM app simply by just tapping on the back button

CRM app for Outlook
The app helps in tracking the emails, adding contacts from within an email or create new record and an overall enhanced mobile functionality Continue reading »

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With more flexible deployment models and licensing, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 positions itself as an evolutionary and cutting edge ERP solution. In the current age cloud-savvy technologies, Microsoft Dynamics GP has the best capacity of matching the requirement and budgets of any business size. Without any compromise to the quality of ERP functionality, GP has the ability to satisfy organizations from small to huge enterprises.

The other big news about Microsoft GP 2016 is, the availability for accessing GP 2016 from any device which supports HTML5. The HTML5 web client will render GP forms as HTML5 web page and hence it can be accessed from any device that supports HTML5. All the features in Dynamics GP will be completely available from android tablet, OSX and Linux and any browser such as Edge, Chrome and Firefox which supports HTML5. Continue reading »

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been a complete ERP software solution for mid-sized organizations that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use. It is its same trait because of which it was being used by more than 100,000 companies across the globe in 2015.

With the release of latest Dynamics NAV 2016, Microsoft has taken the same to the next level. Users can now work in new and better ways with its updated features. The latest release has expanded on some of the top experiences from the NAV 2015, including an app for smart phones, enabling users to take their system virtually on any device – may it be computer, tablet or mobile phones. Continue reading »

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How many times have you felt that you have lot to do, but time is not enough? With today’s fast pace of life, we all have felt that way at some point of time. That is why we all opt / need solutions that are on the go, and not just limited to our desktop. It is the same reason why the idea of carrying the solution on our hand held mobile devices seems so appealing to us.

Microsoft’s Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps offer the same flexibility of executing your tasks from your mobile devices. The web apps enables you access Dynamics SL through a web browser for time or expense entry, reviewing information or reports. Continue reading »

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Every time when Microsoft releases a new version of a product, users always plan to upgrade their current version to get benefited from the new features. Do you think that Dynamics GP2015 is not the right version for you? If you are using Dynamics GP2013 R2 or any other older versions of GP, this is the right time to consider all the advantages GP2015 could offer you and choose to upgrade your GP to GP2015. Continue reading »

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