New And Enhanced Features In SharePoint 2016

New and enhanced features in SharePoint 2016

The general availability of SharePoint server 2016 for the public is very near and its time we looked little deeper into the new features of SharePoint 2016. Continue reading »

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Why to choose custom software development

Your business has started growing and you are already involved the building the subsequent steps for further success, it is when you come across a large decision that you have to take; do you go with an off-the-shelf software or you should invest in developing a custom software?…Sounds familiar?

It might sound “simple” and “safer” to opt for a pre-packaged software readily available in the market, but… Continue reading »

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Challenges in outsourcing BI to offshore software development companies

More and more companies realize the importance of business intelligence in improving one’s business and the need to find people with the right skills to develop BI analytics is very important. Some might have their own in house BI development team capable of providing them with all the business analytics to be tracked and monitored. Some might not have their own personnel and could opt to outsource their BI needs to specialists outside, either within their geography or to an offshore software development company. Continue reading »

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Dynamics CRM 2016 and Its New Features

Other office apps within CRM
office apps such as SharePoint, Word, Excel, OneDrive and PowerPoint can all be opened within CRM and the CRM mobile app enhancing the productivity of the users by avoiding opening multiple apps. Users can easily return back to the CRM app simply by just tapping on the back button

CRM app for Outlook
The app helps in tracking the emails, adding contacts from within an email or create new record and an overall enhanced mobile functionality Continue reading »

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All about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and its new features

With more flexible deployment models and licensing, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 positions itself as an evolutionary and cutting edge ERP solution. In the current age cloud-savvy technologies, Microsoft Dynamics GP has the best capacity of matching the requirement and budgets of any business size. Without any compromise to the quality of ERP functionality, GP has the ability to satisfy organizations from small to huge enterprises.

The other big news about Microsoft GP 2016 is, the availability for accessing GP 2016 from any device which supports HTML5. The HTML5 web client will render GP forms as HTML5 web page and hence it can be accessed from any device that supports HTML5. All the features in Dynamics GP will be completely available from android tablet, OSX and Linux and any browser such as Edge, Chrome and Firefox which supports HTML5. Continue reading »

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