Setting Up Multiple Production Environments in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud

Most of the enterprise organizations are functioning across multiple locations supporting the respective local needs. For operating across different locations, multiple production environments with the country specific localizations are essential. Given below the steps to setup multiple production environments in Business Central.


Login to the existing Dynamics 365 Business central cloud environment.

Click on the settings (gear symbol) on the right end of the screen and select the admin center


In Dynamics 365 Business central admin center, select environments from the left side menu and click new to create an environment


By clicking new, the create environment page pops up.

In the page, enter the following details

Environment name – Provide the name for the environment

Type – Select the environment type. It can be either production or sandbox

Country – Select the country/region code for the environment. Based on the country/region code localization will be applied

Version of environment – Specify the current version for the environment

On providing the above details, click on create for a new environment


On creation of an environment, the details of the environment can be viewed by selecting the environment


Now, login to the business central production environment and choose environment and click ok


Based on the environment opted, the business central environment is viewed

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