Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, the next major version of Microsoft Dynamics SL which is about to be released by the end of 2014 is setting up a huge expectations among customers and partners. Let us take a sneak peek at the new features.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 – Web Apps

The future of access to Microsoft Dynamics SL will be the investment in Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps. Written in HTML5, Dynamics SL Web Apps provide browser-based access to view and enter data through a tablet, smart phone or desktop machine which will eventually replace the Business Portal.

Given below are the apps that will be available in SL 2015

  • Project Time Entry with support for Project Flex Time
  • Project Correcting Timecards
  • Project T type-Timecard support
  • Project Expense Entry (with attachments)
  • Project Expense Reports
  • Project Time & Expense Approval
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Timesheet Entry
  • Project Communicator
  • Project Maintenance & Inquiry
  • Billing Information Maintenance
  • Project Maximums Maintenance
  • Percent Complete and Revenue Recognition Setup
  • Address Maintenance
  • Contract Value and Revenue Information
  • Budget Maintenance and Inquiry
  • Budget Revision Maintenance, Approval, Inquiry, and Analysis
  • Project Invoice Approval
  • Project Delegations Approval
  • Item Request Entry & Approval


Microsoft Dynamics SL Project enhancements

The project enhancements with the SL 2015 release have wide-spread impact and providing greater project management efficiencies to the staff. This release reflects the growing needs of our project companies.

Multi-Company Processing

There is no need to change companies to run processes or reports. With multi-company enhancements, Project processes and project reports can be run for any company from just one login. This should be a game changer for the organisations with multi-company processing

Multi-Company Security

Project lookup lists now display the Project and its associated company and the users can now only see company projects if they have access rights to a company. This can reduce the number of projects seen and provides a relevant list of projects.

Multi-Currency Project base currency

The Company base currency and the Project currency are stored for project transactions. In scenarios where the project currency differs from the company base currency, project transactions, including subcontractor costs and billings will be tracked in both currencies. This provides reporting options in either the company’s base currency or the project currency.

Taxable Items

Accounts Payable sales tax applicable to vouchers and adjustment entries now flow from and to the Project and Task specified in the detail lines.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Financial enhancements

Accounts Payable

  • The Payables batches containing a non-compliant vendor (Flagged in Vendor maintenance) can automatically create a withholding batch which can be processed during Payment Selection
  • Multiple prepayments now be applied against a single voucher using the new Multi-prepayments screen

Accounts Receivable

With the Invoice Preview option user can review each invoice prior to release individually or through a new Quick Query invoice preview screen.

Multi-Company Login enhancement

When logging in or switching companies in Microsoft Dynamics SL, the lookup lists will no longer display every company available, but adhere to the security rights for the user, displaying the assigned companies.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 – Reporting features

Reports – Emailing – Reports can be previewed and now emailed as attachments with the click of a button

Unlimited Report Formats support – To assist in choosing one of these unlimited report formats is a new feature that defines the most commonly used report format for a report, by company. Now when a report is opened, it will default to the defined format.

Report – Meta data – Newly added metadata for reporting means there is no longer a need to guess what a field means when trying to select specific data to display on a report.

More intuitive PV lookups – The core feature of looking up data, found in most screens, has had a makeover. The same filter capabilities used in Quick Query to intuitively narrow your lookup options as you type now work in populating the possible values in all look up lists.

Quick Query – Refreshable Excel files – the Grid to Excel feature in Quick Query has been enhanced to support the creation of refreshable excel table documents as well as pivot tables. Now data can be exported once and then opened and refreshed over and over again.

Quick Query Web Apps – Quick Query accessibility is now being expanded to the new web apps for Dynamics SL. This means Quick Queries can now be viewed on tablets and smart phones along with desktop machines.


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