Why customers should have an option of interviewing candidates over video or Skype before they engage with the vendor in offshoring?

Gone are the days where offshoring was seen just as a cost saving measure. More and more companies have started to realize the benefits of offshoring and continue to invest in offshoring. Companies realize the importance of offshoring in meeting their deadlines, which was more of a strenuous task previously as they had to depend on their in house developers for all their development needs. With offshoring, they have a set of additional developers who can work as an extended development team of their own who work in the same time zone as that of the offshoring company, offering them additional benefits. Though more companies have started investing in offshoring, there are still many companies who are skeptical about offshoring, more so because of their past bad experiences.

It is important for both the client and the offshore vendor to build the trust between them even before beginning to work and this is where technologies like video conferencing helps. It is very important that the client has a few video conversations with the vendor even before starting off with any work. It helps break the ice initially and creates a healthy environment. It also gives the client a better understanding of the vendor, helps in understanding the skills and communication levels of the offshore developers.

It gives the client the much needed confidence and trust in the offshore vendor. In most cases, candidates/developers are being hired just by their resumes and on the word given by the offshore vendor. While this isn’t bad, it is still not as good as interacting with the candidate in person. At the same time it is not feasible to arrange a face to face interaction between the client and the candidates always, and this is where video conferencing facilities like Skype and other applications come into play. Candidates could be interviewed by the client through video calls which gives them a better understanding of the developers. It serves as a proactive measure to spot issues, if any, earlier on rather than taking reactive actions after something happens during the development stages.

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