Who is a real cloud service provider?

Being an IT guy, it’s very difficult to control our temptations to talk about cloud and we do that everyday. But if you ask the question whether there is consistency in the understanding of ‘what is cloud’ and ‘who is the real cloud service provider’, the answer is a big ‘NO’. There is nothing wrong with that inconsistency, because it brings new perspectives. Cloud means different things to different people – for some it’s a technology, for some it’s a new business model, for some it’s a new IT services delivery model. The irony is that all these definitions are true and that doesn’t help clear our confusions.

Let’s try to identify who is a real cloud service provider amidst a battery of ‘pseudo’ providers. Check for yourself whether your provider meets the following criteria Continue reading »

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Needed: Split Personality Software Developers

Not sure how many people would agree with the statement ‘Every one of us is a born tester’. Any idea how? We all consume products and use services and while doing so we consistently evaluate, test, validate and review the product or service. There is a tester in all of us who will come to the fore when our money is at stake, when we buy or when we consume something. Developers are no different in that they have the tester in them as well. But often the tester doesn’t come and take the center stage while developing for the customer.

Typically, we see many small software development projects that require just one or two developers. So, what’s the need for a separate, full time tester when the project doesn’t involve the integration of many modules/components or the integration of the efforts of a big number of developers? Assume you are hiring the services of an electrician on an hourly basis. If he brings a tester with him to test the work he did and asks you to pay for the hours of the tester, would you be willing to pay for that? Then why do we do the same to the hapless customer? Continue reading »

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Microsoft xRM platform-Get the unfair edge

If you are following the Microsoft Dynamics world, in particular MS CRM, most probably you would have heard Microsoft xRM platform if not already using it.

What is Microsoft xRM?

Microsoft xRM (anything Relationship Management) is a rapid application development (RAD) platform on which the MS CRM is built. You get access to xRM Dynamics when you buy Microsoft CRM is built.

OK, all the successful products have been built on one or other platform. What makes xRM Dynamics special? It’s the ability to develop the line of business (LOB) applications so quickly and enrich those applications with workflows, communication and collaboration features. Continue reading »

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Emerging Trends in Software Testing Industry

Companies around the world invest more than $50 billion per year on applications testing and quality assurance, according to Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC). Research firms such as IDC and Forrester report a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4 percent with spending reaching nearly $19.3 billion by 2015 on testing services alone. Continue reading »

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