Security Testing

In the recent days I have been trying to explore a lot to understand the various aspects that need to be taken care of while performing security testing for software.

When asked what security testing is, a few naïve testers replied that Security testing is ensuring:

  • That the password is encrypted in database and any flat files.
  • That only the authorized user has access to the various modules and data in the software

Sure, Security testing is taking care of the above but there is much more to it that needs to be verified to ensure that the application is secure from the malicious attackers. Continue reading »

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User Experience

What is User Experience? How is it tied/associated with User Interface?

User Interface is just a sub set of User Experience. User Experience does not stop at providing the interface for the user. It needs to be iterative and has to integrate with everything in an application.

User experience should present an overall experience that can meet as many goals and needs as possible for the business and the users. Designers are to find and provide that sweet spot between the users’ needs and the business goals and ensure that the design is on brand.

To be precise, User Experience is a combination of functionality, content, usability and branding for any application, be it a web site, a mobile application, an enterprise application or a utility. Continue reading »

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I had been familiar with the RPC (remote procedure call) interfaces for quite sometime just like many others: be it the proprietary COM and .NET remoting or a more standard and interoperable SOAP interface developed using any technology. I never dared to see what is the so called ‘RESTful Services’ until one of our current projects forced me to take a look at it and find out what it is. The journey became quite fascinating when I started understanding what’s REST and comparing it with SOAP and other RPCs, particularly the total shift in the mindset that a normal developer would need to undergo to create a RESTful service. Continue reading »

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Are you ready for the cloud?

Cloud computing has been one of the most highly talked subjects within the IT environment during the past four years. Organizations, ranging from small to large enterprises are showing their interest to move their business to benefit through cloud. Moving the application to cloud offers benefits like less CAPEX, immediate ROI, reduced business risk, quick implementation etc.

While cloud computing will dramatically change the way an organization operates, one needs to exercise caution while deciding what, when and how to move to cloud. An extensive analysis of your application portfolio will ensure that the organization doesn’t make big mistakes that will potentially push the organization years behind in reaping the benefits of cloud. Continue reading »

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