Android Studio – Google’s IDE for Android Development

Ever since the launch of Android mobile platform, Eclipse occupied the center stage for Android development environment. Developer community often thought why Google Android does not have its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is during the recently concluded Google Annual Developer Conference (Google I/O 2013), the company announced its rich development environment called Android Studio. Like iOS and Windows Phone environment, now Android has its own IDE to build its Apps. Google worked with JetBrains to build Android Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA. Continue reading »

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Metro application testing

What is a Metro application?

Recently Microsoft has introduced a new design language called ‘Metro’ that comes along with the ‘Windows8 OS’.

Microsoft’s description of the metro language: “METRO is our design language. We call it metro because it’s modern and clean. It’s fast and in motion. It’s about content and typography. And it’s entirely authentic”.

“Metro style apps are full screen apps tailored to your users’ needs, tailored to the device they run on, tailored for touch interaction, and tailored to the Windows user interface. Windows helps you interact with your users, and your users interact with your app.” Continue reading »

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Dynamics SL 2011 FP1 – Top 10 features that Enhances User Productivity

1.1 Role Center –Dashboard for each business user

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011’s Role center dashboards and portal based access to reports provide insight into Inventory, Finance and Supply-Chain management across the depth and breadth of Organizations. The following are the key dashboard features.

  • New activity panes – Graphical representation of data
  • Role-based menus – Can be customized based upon individual users & groups
  • Quick lists – Details of outstanding activity that link to the related screens
  • Enhanced menu search features will let you find what you need in just a few clicks. Continue reading »
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How to change the PO status to “closed” for the landed cost items?

Ever wondered why the POs are still in “received” status even if the POs are received and invoiced? There might be a chance that POs are associated with landed cost items. In this case, user needs to follow some steps to change the PO status to “closed”.

The following example clearly explains how to properly close the POs for landed cost items: Continue reading »

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Using Query Data with Dialog Process in MS CRM 2011

In general, the capabilities of MSCRM 2011 dialog are under estimated with an assumption that it best suits for channelized or guided process with the user input or predefined scripts.

MSCRM 2011 dialog is equipped with powerful query builder that provides extensive search options to CRM data and in turn provides the result as decision making criteria to the user.

This article demonstrates this capability with a real time scenario that we normally encounter. Let us assume a scenario where we need to Map an existing Account to a Contact with same email address.
Here the steps for the same: Continue reading »

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