Maps for Application

I still remember my school days when I used to struggle to draw the train route between the cities on a map of my country. Now things are entirely different, I can draw air routes between the cities within my country as well as those which are located on the other side of the globe, within a few seconds, using web mapping tools. With today’s mapping applications, one can navigate to any part of the world desired.

The potential of web mapping APIs goes beyond the above mentioned functionality, it could also be used for the safety and security of your loved ones. We had one such scenario where parents were enabled to track their child’s / children’s whereabouts all the time with the help of a system & web mapping API. Implementing such functionalities are made easier by a web mapping service application and technology providers like Google (Google Maps) & Microsoft (Bing Maps). Continue reading »

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Problem with SSIS – OLEDB Destination – When there is a Composite Key in Table

Few Months back, we were working on a task with respect to OLEDB Source and Destination. We extracted data from Heterogeneous Source and dumped the data into SQL Server Database tables. Everything was going fine. Few days later, we added a Composite Key for the table columns, which was then deployed in the production environment.

After a while, we noticed that few rows [Almost 20 Million Rows 🙂 ] were missing from the box and so we decided to analyze the reasons behind it. We were too curious as to what was happening in the database after applying the Composite Keys. So we took a sample data as shown below and went on doing an RND as follows. Continue reading »

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