Role Center in Dynamics SL 2011

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 provides attractive enhancements for end-users. With a new user-interface and functionality improvements, Dynamics SL 2011 is one of the largest product upgrades for Microsoft Dynamics in years.

We have experience on the latest Dynamics SL 2011 features of the Role Center on Dashboard creation, Business Analyzer Charts (BA) and Quick queries. Read below for an introduction on Role Centers, Activities and Quick Lists.

What is a Role Center?

The Role Center contains activities along with Quick Lists areas to present you quick role-based information from Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 data. When you access the Role Center page with your associated access rights, the Activities you have access to (across modules) will appear to the left side of the Role Center. Continue reading »

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How to create SQL Server Analysis Services Partitions using AMO?

Create a partition according to the current date. For example, if today is September 21, 2012 the T-SQL script will create a partition named Internet_Sales_2012 as shown.

If it were the year 2013, the partition name would be Internet_Sales_2013. The idea for this tip is to create partitions automatically using XMLA and variables. In this tip we are going to use SSIS and Visual Basic, but you can also use C# to automate the partition process in SSIS.

Create a Script Task with code to create the partitions dynamically. To start open the SSDT or BIDS and create a new SSIS project. Once you have a new project started, in the Toolbar choose Script Task and drag and drop to the design pane. Continue reading »

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Steps to consider before implementing CRM solution

Why are you here, reading this? The most probable answer is that you have been hooked with an on-going initiative within your organization to get an CRM solution up & running. Isn’t !

Should you agree, I assure, you are not wasting your time. Go ahead & get started with the tid-bits of what & how of CRM success.

Essence of CRM

Nevertheless the generations of CRM solutions striving to mature in their capabilities, organizations dawns over the challenges of using the solution effectively in order to see a significant return on investment.After wrestling with legacy customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that were difficult to use, customize, and integrate, organizations have learned the importance of having a CRM solution that is flexible enough to fit the way they do business—a solution that enables improved customer loyalty and profitability and supports innovation across the whole organization.

This approach, coupled with best practices in planning, end-to-end solution design, and staged deployment, ensures success and a significant return on investment (ROI).

“Following best practices and partnering with deployment experts who can provide valuable insight and guidance are sure steps on the road to CRM success” Continue reading »

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How to customize 3rd party forms using VS Tools for Dynamics GP?

There might be scenarios where we need to customize 3rd party forms by adding our business logic on top of the existing 3rd party functionality.

To handle this scenario, either Dexterity or VS Tools can be used.

This article explains a method to customize 3rd party forms using VS Tools.

Create an application assembly for the third-party dictionary:

1. SDK for VS Tools needs to be installed.

2. Application assembly (dll files) for default third-party dictionaries like Manufacturing, Project Accounting will be located in VS Tools SDK installed folder.

3. For all other 3rd party dictionaries, create an application assembly by using “Dictionary Assembly Generator” through command prompt. Continue reading »

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Business Alert in Dynamics GP

Do you want to get an alert in your inbox when some conditions are met in GP? Go for Business Alert tool in GP.

Example: Customer’s credit limit exceeds, Checkbook balance crosses certain limit, Overdue Payable and Receivable Invoices, etc

Use Business Alert to send a message/report to one or more recipients through email.

Here, we have created a sample business alert E-mail notification for exceeding customer credit limit details. Continue reading »

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