How to resolve “Unable to connect to the ‘Company Name’ company. You don’t have access to this company” issue in Management Reporter 2012

In Management Reporter, Users may get “Unable to connect to the ‘Company Name’ company. You don’t have access to this company” issue.

The error may occur one of the below reason.

Cause 1:
The server name that is listed in the ODBC on the client’s computer which connects to GP has a different name for the SQL Server in it from what is listed in the Company Settings in Management Reporter.

Cause 2:
The credential might be failed to connect SQL. Continue reading »

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Accessing Nav Database


Consider a situation where you have a full backup of your customer database and restored it on your server.

Once the restore is done, you have to create a user in NAV that is known on your server. The user has to be created before getting out of NAV.

Say, you have missed to do the usual procedure and now faced with difficulties to enter your NAV Database.

What can be done?

If you have done a restore in a Native Database, there is no other option than to redo the complete restore.

But on the other hand, if you have a SQL Database, then there are some methods/workarounds to fix it.

  1. First try to login with user ’sa’. A lot of times, ‘sa’ is defined as a NAV database login.
  2. One more way is, if you know any NAV Database login that has super user rights, you can just use that user in SQL.
  3. Also, Add the user whom you want to access the tables of SQL Continue reading »
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Dynamics SL – Notifications through Communicator module

Communicator module of Dynamics SL works along with the project series, providing a more robust & sophisticated way of identifying the pending issues before they arise and alert concerned individuals. Communicator module with its power & authority, perform analysis of the problems and generate notifications.

Employee and Resource Maintenance

  1. Open SL –> Project Controller –> Maintenance –> Employee and Resource Maintenance
  2. Enter the Employee ID , Name , Email user name and select “Both” option in “Send mail To” drop down. This setup will let the communicator system send notifications as Communiator messages and also as Emails. Continue reading »
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Attach Documents in Dynamics GP 2013

By using the document attachment functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can attach documents such as requisitions, credit reports and images to master records, transactions, and the individual line items assigned to the transactions. Users can also can view a document that has already been attached or remove an attachment.

Document Attachment Setup

The following steps need to be configured to enable Document Attachment functionality.

  • Open Dynamics GP2013
  • Go to Microsoft Dynamics GP–>Tools–>Setup–>Company–>Document Attachment Setup
  • Document Attachment Setup window appears as shown below Continue reading »
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Handling returns for Replacement through OM in Dynamics SL


We investigated the methodology to handle the Sales Returns along with the Replacements through the Order management system of Dynamics SL. We explored the way to do this and thought of adding this in our blog.

Returns for replacement is a return for credit followed by a new order for the replacement items to be shipped to the customer. Returns for replacement are normally created for one of two reasons.

  1. Wrong item shipped – the item is returned to inventory and posted to the GL with debit to Inventory account.
  2. Defective item Shipped- the item will be labeled as Scrap. The GL posting is to the scrap account. Continue reading »
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