Native, Cross-Platform Or Hybrid? Which Mobile App Is Best For Your Project?

Let’s face it! We are in love with our smartphones. I’m sure many of us these days would find living without a smartphone next to impossible. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that smartphones are one of the inventions of mankind that have changed how we go about our daily life. Whether it’s our professional life or personal, we find ourselves dependent on our mobile devices for variety of reasons. Continue reading »

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft is about launch Dynamics 365 and lot of us wonder what it is and what it means to your business. To put in a very simple words to explain what Dynamics 365 is, it is the combination of cloud ERP and CRM along with Microsoft business intelligence solutions. Apart from this, the product will also comprise components like financials, operations, field service, sales, marketing, project service automation and customer services. Microsoft has just offered a product which possess the best functionalities of its ERP and CRM combined to users. Something similar to office 365 (combination of few of the best Microsoft products) which is closely integrated to the new Dynamics 365 to increase the productivity and process efficiency. Continue reading »

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Microsoft SharePoint for Healthcare Organizations

Information technology have made our life less complicated and now we spend our time more efficiently concentrating on what’s really important to us. With the new innovative solutions every day, business processes in all the industries are now simpler and nothing but effective. Let us see how the booming information technology can aid the most indispensable industry of all, the Healthcare industry. Microsoft SharePoint would be an ideal choice for healthcare organizations since most of its features address exact business requirements. Continue reading »

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Why Should You Choose Dynamics CRM As A Development Platform?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with fields, forms, entities, views, security, reports, & workflows that are readily configured, helping organisations in managing marketing, sales and customer support requirements, right out of the box. Continue reading »

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Why Do You Need Event Management Software?

We have seen a rapid growth in event management industry. With every passing day, the complexities associated with event management are also on the raise, therefore, trying to manage everything manually leaves room for errors; errors that might cost you in form of ill organized event or even worse, a failed event. Even if you manage to avoid major disasters, you still might overlook certain things that may act as a speed bump for your otherwise smoothly running event. Continue reading »

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