Advantages Of Using Dynamics CRM For A Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organisations have complex operational structure. If you have worked for a nonprofit organization, there is a high possibility that you might have found yourself juggling between many spreadsheet to try keeping a track of current and potential donors. You also might have set up reminders on your calendar to get in touch with the people who had pledged monthly, bi monthly or yearly donations.  Continue reading »

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Do businesses really need BI solutions to be successful?

Yes, every business requires BI solution to survive.

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, your company is facing a competition on a global scale. Only information makes your company more agile and provides you the insights you need to succeed. Nowadays you can hear the words BI, business intelligence or big data are used around business community very often only because the effectiveness of an intelligence solution to a business is very critical for its success. Continue reading »

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Agile Software Development – Is It Even Good?

Before introduction of Agile methodology, Waterfall model or Linear-Sequential Life Cycle model was the popular methodology for software development. Though it was very simple to understand and use, it had its disadvantages like once the product had gone to testing stage, it was very difficult to go back and make changes to something which was not well thought out earlier. Not only that, it had high risk factor and there used to be no working software until the late development life cycle. These shortcomings along with many others, forced software development industry to rapidly move towards Agile methodology. Continue reading »

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Why Salesforce is the ideal CRM platform for your business requirements?

Salesforce CRM offers you the platform to store, retrieve and update your customers, partners and prospects information in cloud from anywhere using any device at any time without prior knowledge of coding or language. In other words, Salesforce CRM is very easy to use, implement, customize, develop, and integrate.  Continue reading »

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