Why Node JS is a preferred choice in server side programming?

The rising popularity of JavaScript has brought with it, a lot of changes, and the face of web development today is dramatically different. JavaScript was used primarily for client-side scripting. The things that we can do on the web nowadays with JavaScript running on the server, was hard to imagine few years ago. Continue reading »

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How To Choose The Right IoT Application Development Partner

Today, smart devices have become an integral part of our lives. From smart watches capable of doing more than merely showing the time, to smart medical sensors that help doctors & healthcare professionals to assist patients more effectively, IoT has shown a way to smarter future. This has provided businesses an opportunity to be a part of this emerging market, providing new products. Continue reading »

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What is DevOps? And How Could It Benefit Your Business?

There is always a new buzz in IT industry from time to time, may it be Big Data, IoT, or AI based Chatbot. An organisation / business has to quickly get accustomed to these often used phrases & trends in order to survive & surpass its competition. DevOps is one such trend that has revolutionised the software development industry owing to its capability to increase agility and improve performance in the IT department. Continue reading »

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Building Chatbots using Google’s Dialogflow

My very first encounter with a chatbot happened a couple of years back when I was trying to lodge a complaint with an E-commerce company‚Äôs customer service. I felt that I was handed out a poor delivery experience by the logistics company that was shipping on-behalf of the E-commerce company, which got me miffed. Continue reading »

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