Why Should You Choose Dynamics CRM As A Development Platform?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with fields, forms, entities, views, security, reports, & workflows that are readily configured, helping organisations in managing marketing, sales and customer support requirements, right out of the box. Continue reading »

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Why Do You Need Event Management Software?

We have seen a rapid growth in event management industry. With every passing day, the complexities associated with event management are also on the raise, therefore, trying to manage everything manually leaves room for errors; errors that might cost you in form of ill organized event or even worse, a failed event. Even if you manage to avoid major disasters, you still might overlook certain things that may act as a speed bump for your otherwise smoothly running event. Continue reading »

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Using Power BI with CRM

The functionality enabling to work with CRM and Power BI together gives you the opportunity to create reports out of your CRM data in a simple excel sheet and also facilitates you to publish/share the report across your organization.

Power BI tools help you connect to any external or internal data systems and edit them in an easy to work with excel format without tampering with the real data, make analysis and create reports.

Power Query helps you to connect to OData feed and various other data sources. You can just connect and access your CRM data by signing in with your organizational account. And once it gets connected, all your CRM entities will appear on the right side of your excel workbook. This lets you select the ones that you want to work with and edit. Continue reading »

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Steps to consider before implementing CRM solution

Why are you here, reading this? The most probable answer is that you have been hooked with an on-going initiative within your organization to get an CRM solution up & running. Isn’t !

Should you agree, I assure, you are not wasting your time. Go ahead & get started with the tid-bits of what & how of CRM success.

Essence of CRM

Nevertheless the generations of CRM solutions striving to mature in their capabilities, organizations dawns over the challenges of using the solution effectively in order to see a significant return on investment.After wrestling with legacy customer relationship management (CRM) solutions that were difficult to use, customize, and integrate, organizations have learned the importance of having a CRM solution that is flexible enough to fit the way they do business—a solution that enables improved customer loyalty and profitability and supports innovation across the whole organization.

This approach, coupled with best practices in planning, end-to-end solution design, and staged deployment, ensures success and a significant return on investment (ROI).

“Following best practices and partnering with deployment experts who can provide valuable insight and guidance are sure steps on the road to CRM success” Continue reading »

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Move Solution from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 to Down Level Organization

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 Service Update introduced new solution components that can be included as dependencies for exported solutions. These new dependencies can prevent the installation of a solution developed with Update Rollup 12 or later service update on earlier releases.

Microsoft has provided the Solution Down-level Utility.exe tool in the latest SDK to remove Post UR12 dependencies. Removing the same will allow installation of backward compatible managed or unmanaged solution from an organization with Update Rollup 12 or later service update. Continue reading »

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