Using Query Data with Dialog Process in MS CRM 2011

In general, the capabilities of MSCRM 2011 dialog are under estimated with an assumption that it best suits for channelized or guided process with the user input or predefined scripts.

MSCRM 2011 dialog is equipped with powerful query builder that provides extensive search options to CRM data and in turn provides the result as decision making criteria to the user.

This article demonstrates this capability with a real time scenario that we normally encounter. Let us assume a scenario where we need to Map an existing Account to a Contact with same email address.
Here the steps for the same: Continue reading »

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Microsoft xRM platform-Get the unfair edge

If you are following the Microsoft Dynamics world, in particular MS CRM, most probably you would have heard Microsoft xRM platform if not already using it.

What is Microsoft xRM?

Microsoft xRM (anything Relationship Management) is a rapid application development (RAD) platform on which the MS CRM is built. You get access to xRM Dynamics when you buy Microsoft CRM is built.

OK, all the successful products have been built on one or other platform. What makes xRM Dynamics special? It’s the ability to develop the line of business (LOB) applications so quickly and enrich those applications with workflows, communication and collaboration features. Continue reading »

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