What’s New In SL 2015 Web Apps CU1

How many times have you felt that you have lot to do, but time is not enough? With today’s fast pace of life, we all have felt that way at some point of time. That is why we all opt / need solutions that are on the go, and not just limited to our desktop. It is the same reason why the idea of carrying the solution on our hand held mobile devices seems so appealing to us.

Microsoft’s Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps offer the same flexibility of executing your tasks from your mobile devices. The web apps enables you access Dynamics SL through a web browser for time or expense entry, reviewing information or reports. Continue reading »

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Whats new in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015, the next major version of Microsoft Dynamics SL which is about to be released by the end of 2014 is setting up a huge expectations among customers and partners. Let us take a sneak peek at the new features.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 – Web Apps

The future of access to Microsoft Dynamics SL will be the investment in Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Apps. Written in HTML5, Dynamics SL Web Apps provide browser-based access to view and enter data through a tablet, smart phone or desktop machine which will eventually replace the Business Portal. Continue reading »

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