Embedding a Power BI report into Dynamics 365 Business Central

Interpreting a dataset with multiple views, a Power BI report provides visuals with multiple findings and insights. Depending on the type of data, there can be single visual or multiple pages of visuals. With an advantage of dynamic & interactive report, one can go beyond insights and get the exact answers. In this article, our Business central consultants have drafted a process to embed Power BI report into the role center of Dynamics 365 Business Central. Continue reading »

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What is Data Preparation and why is it vital for data analytics?

Before we get into the exceptional benefits offered by data preparations, let us have a quick look at what exactly it is in simple words.

What is data preparation? – Prior to analyzing any data, data must be transformed to appropriate form for trouble free analysis process. This is called data preparation. Data from various sources are cleaned and transformed to improve its quality in order to use it for business analytics purposes. The data preparation process involves various steps like data discovery, data profiling, data cleansing and transformation. Continue reading »

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Is the necessity of intelligence in a business being overrated, regardless of its size and industry?

The answer is simple. BIG NO.

From a small fruit vendor to multinational manufactures, every business applies intelligence in their process to survive. Both the parties analyze their past record and current scenario to foretell the right amount of sales they could make in the near future. Continue reading »

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Do businesses really need BI solutions to be successful?

Yes, every business requires BI solution to survive.

Whether you are a small, medium or large enterprise, your company is facing a competition on a global scale. Only information makes your company more agile and provides you the insights you need to succeed. Nowadays you can hear the words BI, business intelligence or big data are used around business community very often only because the effectiveness of an intelligence solution to a business is very critical for its success. Continue reading »

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Challenges in outsourcing BI to offshore software development companies

More and more companies realize the importance of business intelligence in improving one’s business and the need to find people with the right skills to develop BI analytics is very important. Some might have their own in house BI development team capable of providing them with all the business analytics to be tracked and monitored. Some might not have their own personnel and could opt to outsource their BI needs to specialists outside, either within their geography or to an offshore software development company. Continue reading »

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