Advantages of having business intelligence on mobile as web apps and native apps

The debate over the choice of web apps and native apps for mobile BI is a never ending one and also does not have a definitive answer to it. Both have their own pros and cons and each one could be beneficial to a business in different ways.

We’ll first take a look at what a native and web app are before getting into the post. Native apps are platform/device specific apps downloaded to your device and they can leverage the hardware, UI and features specific to a platform/mobile device. Whereas, a web app will work on any compatible browser, regardless of the platform and device but will be limited in its functionality as compared to a native app. Continue reading »

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Few points to consider for a successful Mobile Application

About 15 years ago if you had told someone that you could start your car with a mobile phone; you would have been looked upon as someone who reads lot of science fiction. Mobile phones were a privilege that only few could have; that too with features that offered nothing more than making calls & sending / receiving text messages.

But now, time has changed. Performance of today’s mobile devices has come real close to that of a computer with an appreciative element of mobility, that traditional desktop computer couldn’t offer. Hence, mobile devices (smartphones / tablets) are being preferred over the traditional desktops in many business sectors as well as for personal use. Continue reading »

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Android Studio – Google’s IDE for Android Development

Ever since the launch of Android mobile platform, Eclipse occupied the center stage for Android development environment. Developer community often thought why Google Android does not have its own Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is during the recently concluded Google Annual Developer Conference (Google I/O 2013), the company announced its rich development environment called Android Studio. Like iOS and Windows Phone environment, now Android has its own IDE to build its Apps. Google worked with JetBrains to build Android Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA. Continue reading »

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HTML5 MVC4 Razor Responsive Web Template (Especially for mobile and touch enabled devices) Version 1 Released

This template is used to create a set of HTML5 mobile web application easily. This template contains separate sample pages for different devices like Desktop, Mobile and tablet. MVC4 will redirect to the specific page automatically based on User Agent (Mobile, Desktop and Tablet).

This template includes javascript plugins like JQuery, JQuery Mobile, JQuery UI, Knockout Js, Modernizr Js and Customized CSS for styling. Continue reading »

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Augmented Reality in Enterprises

We note through different sources that there has been a huge data explosion over the past two years – explosion in terms of how much volume of data being processed and stored by each system, application and the appliance. This data, however has found its use in analysis (big data) in different ways.

One such analysis opportunity lies with what we call as Augmented Reality. AR, as per Wikipedia, is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory inputs such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. This is in contrast to Virtual Reality wherein the complete real world phenomenon is simulated and shown as an artificial world. Continue reading »

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