Agile Software Development – Is It Even Good?

Before introduction of Agile methodology, Waterfall model or Linear-Sequential Life Cycle model was the popular methodology for software development. Though it was very simple to understand and use, it had its disadvantages like once the product had gone to testing stage, it was very difficult to go back and make changes to something which was not well thought out earlier. Not only that, it had high risk factor and there used to be no working software until the late development life cycle. These shortcomings along with many others, forced software development industry to rapidly move towards Agile methodology. Continue reading »

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Why expecting huge cost savings from offshoring at the beginning might not work

One of the primary reasons why companies offshore their software development needs is the arbitrage advantage. But do companies start seeing huge savings right from the start?

Offshoring does give you enormous cost savings but not immediately as you expected. It takes time.

There are a number of reasons as to why it takes time before you see the real benefits of offshoring but the most prominent reason you need to consider is the cost of transition. Continue reading »

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How an onsite-offshore model works for Software Product Development

Tasks executed by onsite team –

  • While offshore team works on software development, the presence of an onsite teams will give essential assurance to the client on the timely delivery of their product.
  • The entire product development work will be shared between the offshore and onsite team. The onsite team will act as a bridge between client and the offshore development team.
  • The onsite teams will be responsible for understanding the client’s requirements and gathering information necessary for offshore team to work on software product development through direct interaction. Continue reading »
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Three Mistakes to avoid while offshoring software development needs

Expecting huge cost savings right at the beginning

It is surprising that a lot of companies offshoring their software development needs expect huge cost savings right at the very beginning and get disappointed when they see the reality. Yes, offshoring surely helps you see the arbitrage advantage but not immediately as you expected. It takes time.

What people fail to consider is the learning curve of the offshore vendor to become as productive as expected. It might be two to four months before an offshore team can become as productive as an onsite team and sometimes even more depending on the complexity of the project. Continue reading »

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Why customers should have an option of interviewing candidates over video or Skype before they engage with the vendor in offshoring?

Gone are the days where offshoring was seen just as a cost saving measure. More and more companies have started to realize the benefits of offshoring and continue to invest in offshoring. Companies realize the importance of offshoring in meeting their deadlines, which was more of a strenuous task previously as they had to depend on their in house developers for all their development needs. With offshoring, they have a set of additional developers who can work as an extended development team of their own who work in the same time zone as that of the offshoring company, offering them additional benefits. Though more companies have started investing in offshoring, there are still many companies who are skeptical about offshoring, more so because of their past bad experiences. Continue reading »

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