Tiny Roslyn Compiler Application

Some of the C# 6.0 features are simply amazing. We can try them out as well as Roslyn is available as nuget package for VS 2012(Check in your Extension Manager Tools Options of VS 2012). The Roslyn documentation is available in Codeplex.

Some of the features that are already done in C# 6 include Exception filters, getter only auto properties, and also Await, yes await in try catch finally. In this post I have written a tiny compiler that parses a C# file and dumps the syntax tree on to your console with a code review. So All I have written is Continue reading »

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Roslyn Compilers – Asp.net Vnext Feature

In our features about Asp.net vnext, we saw about No compiler developer experience and compiler as a service. The black box magic of compilers is revealed in Asp.net Vnext. It is called Roslyn compilers.

  • Roslyn compilers are next generation of compilers that will come up in ASP.net vnext.
  • Going forward, our dependency on IDE for intelligence, Go to definition and various code analysis tools for code refactoring, code generation to improve our quality increases linearly. As these tools get smarter, they need access to more and more of the deep code knowledge that only compilers possess. Continue reading »
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Roslyn – Compiler Magic

For most of us the important question about compliers is “what’s the difference between compiler and an interpreter?” Bingo! I got the right answer for that. Compilers have been a black box magic to me and I always wanted to be Jadugar who actually revealed it. Unfortunately, all the efforts failed when Visual studio was thrown before me. All I do now is press F5 or Ctrl F5. My eyes only lit up when I see “BUILD SUCCESSFUL” comment. It’s what we all love to see. When build successful appears we know half of our project is done. Continue reading »

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