Using MonoGame for 2d Game Development

In this blog We’re going to cover MonoGame development for Windows8 apps (Metro apps).

What is Monogame

Monogame is a component used by game developers to make their games. Monogame is an open source implementation of Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. It can target more platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows 8. On the other hand, its development is a bit more fragmented and there are some bugs & features not available. Overall, it’s a pretty good project and alternative to XNA.

(Microsoft XNA is a set of tools with a managed runtime environment provided by Microsoft that facilitates game development and management. XNA is based on the .NET Framework. It can target several platforms like “Windows”,” Windows Phone “and the” Xbox”) Continue reading »

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Maps for Application

I still remember my school days when I used to struggle to draw the train route between the cities on a map of my country. Now things are entirely different, I can draw air routes between the cities within my country as well as those which are located on the other side of the globe, within a few seconds, using web mapping tools. With today’s mapping applications, one can navigate to any part of the world desired.

The potential of web mapping APIs goes beyond the above mentioned functionality, it could also be used for the safety and security of your loved ones. We had one such scenario where parents were enabled to track their child’s / children’s whereabouts all the time with the help of a system & web mapping API. Implementing such functionalities are made easier by a web mapping service application and technology providers like Google (Google Maps) & Microsoft (Bing Maps). Continue reading »

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HTML5 localStorage with examples

What is HTML5 localStorage?

It is a system for web pages to locally store the named key / value pairs within the client web browser.

The data aren’t incorporated with each server request; as a result, localStorage is faster. The performance of the website remains unaffected regardless of the size of the data stored.

The localStorage object stores the data without expiration date. Hence, the data is readily available whenever the browser is opened in the future. Continue reading »

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HTML5 – Advantages and its Future

So you’re still not using HTML5!!, you probably have your reasons; it’s not fully adopted yet, it doesn’t work in IE or you love to write strict XHTML code. HTML 5 is the revolution which the web world has been looking forward and it has arrived whether we like it or not. HTML 5 is not difficult to understand and though the adoption has been slow it may worth the effort to learn it and start using it right now – maybe after reading this article.

Basically HTML5 has its many new syntactical features, which include the <video>, <audio>, and <canvas> elements, as well as the integration of SVG content. Due to these new elements, it will be very easy to integrate multimedia and graphical content to web without using flash and third party plugins. There are also another new elements like <section>, <article>, <header> and <nav> which enrich the semantic value of the document. Other major advantages of HTML5 are described below. Continue reading »

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I had been familiar with the RPC (remote procedure call) interfaces for quite sometime just like many others: be it the proprietary COM and .NET remoting or a more standard and interoperable SOAP interface developed using any technology. I never dared to see what is the so called ‘RESTful Services’ until one of our current projects forced me to take a look at it and find out what it is. The journey became quite fascinating when I started understanding what’s REST and comparing it with SOAP and other RPCs, particularly the total shift in the mindset that a normal developer would need to undergo to create a RESTful service. Continue reading »

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