Dynamics CRM 2016 and Its New Features

Other office apps within CRM
office apps such as SharePoint, Word, Excel, OneDrive and PowerPoint can all be opened within CRM and the CRM mobile app enhancing the productivity of the users by avoiding opening multiple apps. Users can easily return back to the CRM app simply by just tapping on the back button

CRM app for Outlook
The app helps in tracking the emails, adding contacts from within an email or create new record and an overall enhanced mobile functionality

Enhanced Excel integration
Improved excel integration helps users do calculations or forecast sales within the CRM. The CRM mobile app lets you export data to excel directly from your tablet and mobile devices

Guided user experience
The new Dynamics CRM Online 2016 helps in speeding up the learning process for the users with the guided user experience

Delve Integration
Delve helps in finding the relevant and trending documents quickly specific to each user based on his activities and connections. Users can view trending documents relevant to them from a dashboard or Office 365.

Update CRM on the Move
Users can now update the fields in CRM even when they are on the move. The enhanced mobile experience in the CRM 2016 helps you to achieve this and more. It even leverages the touch capabilities on mobile devices to update some fields using slider control

Cortana integration
Enhanced Cortana integration with CRM will extend its capability to sales activities, accounts and opportunities, in addition to searching for records and creating contacts.

Personalized sales documents
Documents based on CRM data can now be built inside CRM. Users don´t have to manually pull data from CRM to create documents like account summaries, quotes, orders or invoices in Word

CRM Mobile
With CRM 2016 users can now create, edit or delete data even when offline. Automated sync ensures that updates are applied to the live CRM system

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