How an onsite-offshore model works for Software Product Development

Tasks executed by onsite team –

  • While offshore team works on software development, the presence of an onsite teams will give essential assurance to the client on the timely delivery of their product.
  • The entire product development work will be shared between the offshore and onsite team. The onsite team will act as a bridge between client and the offshore development team.
  • The onsite teams will be responsible for understanding the client’s requirements and gathering information necessary for offshore team to work on software product development through direct interaction.
  • After a series of interviews with the client, onsite team will take care of initial planning and designing on how to proceed with the software product development.
  • The onsite team will interact directly and immediately with the client to accommodate any changes to avoid or minimize the last minute changes which will affect the product delivery
  • Through direct interaction with client, onsite team can make sure the project is implemented accordingly to client’s expectations and satisfying them completely.

Tasks executed by offshore development team –

  • With a large pool of resources and at reduced development cost, the offshore development team will work on actual product development with the necessary requirements collected by onsite team.
  • Offshore development team focuses only on core business requirements and project goals.
  • If required, offshore team will work on flexible timing to synchronize with client/onsite team’s time zone.
  • They will share their development workflow with the client through onsite team.
  • Offshore development will be following scrum/Agile methodology to update client or onsite team frequently on the product development process.

The onsite-offshore model is greatly advised for complex projects and which is more likely to run for longer periods. This kind of model releases the client from burden of managing a large onsite team (internal team) and enjoy the reduced cost benefits from offshore development team. Also client is saved from total cost of ownership of infrastructure and resources which is taken care by offshore development team.

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