How To Choose A Right Custom Software Development Company

I think it would be fair to assume that most of us are familiar with the advantages of a custom software solution over an off-the-shelf software. Once you have decided to go for a solution that would be custom built keeping the needs of your business in mind, you need to decide on which Software Development Company should you go for.

Choosing the right partner for your software development work is very crucial. Think it of as choosing the type of fuel for your car. If you opt for high quality fuel your car is likely to have a smoother operation without causing you any trouble in your long journey and you’ll reach your destination on time. On the other hand, if you opt for adulterated / wrong fuel, you would end up facing many problems that might even leave you stranded in the middle of the road. Similarly, choosing a wrong / inexperienced software development service provider would cause many issues / hurdles in the course of the project. You might get a delayed delivery, or worse, your entire project fails and you need to start over again.

Choosing the correct partner for your software development project is simple if you ask the right questions to your potential partner. The answers to these questions will help you tremendously in judging and making a well informed decision.

  • For how long have you been in business?
    Getting to know how many years of experience a particular firm has, is always a good idea before engaging with them. When it comes to custom software development, a well-seasoned software development company with a record of delivering good results in the past, is considered a safe bet. They would have already faced their fair share of failures, therefore they know what works and what doesn’t. With such company as your custom software development partner, you can have a guaranteed success.
  • What is your technology expertise?
    Depending on the project needs and technology requirements for the same, ensuring that the prospective partner possess the technical know-how on the required technology is crucial. Usually different companies have specialization on different technologies. Some companies concentrate / specialize on one technology while others may have experience in  a variety of different technologies. Ideally going with a partner that has specialization in various technologies has its added advantage.
  • Have you worked on similar projects? Can you provide reference for the same?
    You can gauge the efficiency & success rate of the service provider by looking at the previous projects undertaken by them. Look at their portfolio to get detailed insight into their design and development skills. Speak to their clients that have done similar projects with them, gather feedback, it would be helpful for you to understand the capabilities of the company to handle complex projects, ability to meet deadlines, quality of apps they have developed, the kind of support they provide and how reliable they are.
  • What kind of process and practice do you follow?
    Like an assembly line in a manufacturing plant, processes & practices are vital for software development. Industry recommends agile software development for building software application. Ensuring that your prospective partner follows the standard processes & practices is important, as with anything else, lack of processes and practices in place would result in chaos & complete disaster of the project.
  • What is your approach towards accommodating change requests during an ongoing project?
    There is a high possibility that the requirements might change during the course of product development life cycle. Your software development partner should be able to proficiently handle and accommodate such requirements.
  • Do you provide Support & Maintenance services post development?
    Software development doesn’t end with mere delivery of the product, post-delivery support & maintenance is equally important in the long run. Making sure that the software development company provides support services after the initial product development gives the peace of mind that maintenance, enhancement and support are available as the product grows and matures.

It is important to choose the right custom software development company. Any failure to do the initial due diligence can lead to failure of the project resulting in all the time spent to develop the product will go in vain.

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