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I still remember my school days when I used to struggle to draw the train route between the cities on a map of my country. Now things are entirely different, I can draw air routes between the cities within my country as well as those which are located on the other side of the globe, within a few seconds, using web mapping tools. With today’s mapping applications, one can navigate to any part of the world desired.

The potential of web mapping APIs goes beyond the above mentioned functionality, it could also be used for the safety and security of your loved ones. We had one such scenario where parents were enabled to track their child’s / children’s whereabouts all the time with the help of a system & web mapping API. Implementing such functionalities are made easier by a web mapping service application and technology providers like Google (Google Maps) & Microsoft (Bing Maps).

Google Map API offers the following features that can be utilise according to your project needs:

  • Different types of Maps like 45° Imagery, Styled Maps, Image Map, street View etc. are available in the Map API which could be used for varied purposes based on your objective.
  • Layers reflecting collection of objects that you may add on the top of the map to designate a common association.
  • You can monetize your Maps using AdSense support for your Maps.
  • With the help of Places Library, you can facilitate the search for places within a defined area such as the bounds of a map or around a fixed point in your map.
  • Weather Library could be used for adding weather forecasts and cloud imagery to your map.
  • With Visualization Library you can turn raw data into beautiful visuals.
  • You also have the option to add Panoramio photo layers to your Maps API application with the help of Panoramio Library.

Bing Map API offers the following features that can be utilise according to your project needs:

  • With Photosynth you can transform digital photos into a panoramic experience that would display the big picture along with its details on your map.
  • You can utilise Maps for Mobile Devices to develop mobile applications with imagery optimization for mobile devices (including the iPhone).
  • With the help of Enhanced Bird’s Eye View of real-world locations you can provide insight into “what it’s like there”. Users can also zoom and pan smoothly within the bird’s eye and across imagery types for a truly immersive viewing experience.
  • Streetside will provide the users of your application with street level exploration experience so close that it feels as if one is standing there in person.
  • Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding helps you to get the most detailed locations through integration of multiple geocoders and provide the most relevant and comprehensive results.
  • Localized Maps and Directions could be used for giving driving / walking directions in different languages.
  • You can use Pushpin Clustering to provide your customers the ability to zoom in and view the detailed a cluster of points.
  • If your targeted customers are in the United States and Canada, you can utilise Landmark-Based Routing to provide them with directions using familiar landmarks such as gas stations and fast-food restaurants.
  • With the help of Traffic Reports that overlay the Bing map with colour-coded traffic flow visuals above the roads, you can help your users avoid traffic jams.

Following are the implementation guide for Google & Bing Maps API that you can download for your reference.

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