New And Enhanced Features In SharePoint 2016

New and enhanced features in SharePoint 2016

The general availability of SharePoint server 2016 for the public is very near and its time we looked little deeper into the new features of SharePoint 2016.

Access Services including client and server

  • Supporting apps for Office,
  • Access to App Upgrade,
  • Download in Excel feature option is available for users to access tables
  • The Cascading Combo box is now available in Access
  • Better Related Item Control like,
    • Choose from any existing view for the dialog
    • New items can be added when the parent record is not saved on RIC
    • Turning off the add link at the bottom
  • New document deletion policy includes Deleting documents in users’ OneDrive for Business sites after specific period of time
  • In-Place Hold policy permits the preservation of documents, email and other files

 Customized web parts

The compile time for customized XSLT file is improved.

Document Library

  • Landmarks to a page make and alt text for all major navigation links
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Focus improvements
  • Announcements for upload
  • Updates to the Help
  • Improved callout reading

Durable links

When documents are renamed or moved, resource-based URLs can retain links.

Encrypted Connections

SharePoint 2016 uses TLS 1.2 connection encryption for enhanced security.

Fast Site Collection Creation

Works at the same level as SQL server and eliminates the trips required between SharePoint and SQL server.

Special Characters in File Name

SharePoint now supports using some special characters in file names that were restricted previously.

Hybrid in SharePoint 2016

Adopt cloud at your own pace by integrating your on-premises farm with Office 365 productivity experiences.

Identify and search for sensitive content

Identify and search for sensitive content in both SharePoint 2016 and OneDrive documents

  • Search for sensitive content
  • Make use of 51 built-in sensitive information types like credit cards, passport numbers and more
  • Use DLP Queries to discover sensitive content related to common industry regulations

Preview images and videos

You can see a preview of images of videos by hovering the mouse over or by clicking on them.

Information Rights Management

SharePoint server 2016 possess Information Rights Management (IRM) capabilities to secure information by encrypting them on SharePoint libraries with OneDrive for Business.

Support for larger files

Upload and download files larger than 2,047 MB.


Allows SharePoint farm administrator to define each server’s role in a farm topology.

Mobile experience

Enhanced Mobile navigation experience

  • Tap tiles or links on the mobile screen to navigate the site
  • Switch from the mobile view to PC view, which displays site pages as they are seen on a client computer. This view is also touch enabled

New controls for OneDrive

Click on a control to create new Office documents, upload files, synchronize your files for offline use, and share your files

New Recycle Bin

Alink for the Recycle Bin in the left navigation area of the OneDrive and Team sites.

Open Document Format (ODF)

The Open Document Format (ODF) files enables others users to edit the file with the program they choose

Project Server 2016

The new features in Project server 2016 is listed here

  • Resource Engagements
  • One installation – Project and SharePoint Server
  • Base installation languages and language packs
  • Hardware and software requirements
  • Upgrade to Project Server 2016
  • A single database for multiple instances
  • Custom field limits
  • Project Web App changes

Resilient file system support

Drives that are formatted with the ReFS file system are now supported in SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint BI

Power Pivot add-in and Power View are available to use with SharePoint 2016. SharePoint 2016 supports SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.

  • Power Pivot Gallery
  • Scheduled Data Refresh
  • Workbooks as a Data Source
  • Power Pivot Management Dashboard
  • Power View reports
  • Power View Subscriptions
  • Report Alerting


SharePoint Search indexes up to 500 million items per Search Server application


  • Create and Share folder
  • Sharing Hint
  • See who the folder is shared with when viewing a folder
  • Members can share
  • Improved invitation mail
  • One-click email to approve or deny a request for access
  • Recently Shared Items cache


Site Folders view

New Site Folders view that takes you directly to document libraries of sites you’re following.

Sites page pinning

Pin sites that you see on the sites page and it appears at the top of the list of sites that you’re following.

Web Application Open Platform Interface Protocol

Rename, create and share files from within the WOPI iframe on the browser page.

Hope this helped you.

If your company is planning to upgrade their document management system, compare the features of your current system to the upcoming SharePoint 2016 and make decisions accordingly. If you need any help with upgrading or customizing SharePoint for business requirements, contact us, so that our SharePoint consultants may help you.

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