PASS Summit 2014

We got a chance to exhibit at the SQL PASS Summit at Seattle. We are going to share some of the information about the events that took place during the summit through a string of blog articles.

During the SQL PASS Summit 2014, DBAs and other technical people around the world gathered to attend the sessions conducted on various concepts, tools and technologies like Power BI, Performance management, Azure etc. Most of the sessions were aligned towards Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure, Office 365, MS Office and other Microsoft related products. There were about fifty companies who exhibited their products/services in the Summit.

There had been some powerful sessions on PowerBI, End-to-End DWH and some advanced concepts in SQL Server on the first day of our entry.

The first day started with the Keynote session where 3 key speakers from Microsoft spoke about the future trends of MS SQL, Power BI and MS Azure and how/what they contribute towards Business Intelligence. There were enlightening speeches which gave lot of insights on where Microsoft is heading to. During the Keynote session, they demonstrated the power of Microsoft Azure and PowerBI for “Pier 1 Imports”, a Texas-based retailer specializing in imported home furnishing and decor. They showcased how “Pier 1 Imports” uses Azure and Power BI (Power Maps, charts, Azure search etc.) for their online portal for providing attractive offers based on the customer’s product searches and their purchase history.

In the demo, they introduced the four major MS products/services viz.

1.       Azure DocumentDB

2.       HD Insight

3.       Cloud Platform System

4.       Azure Search (as a service)

Azure DocumentDB is a NoSQL document database service to natively support JSON and Javascript directly inside the database with familiar SQL syntax and has the ability to easily scale a database up and down on demand.

HDInsight is a Hadoop distribution powered by the cloud provides a software framework designed to manage, analyze, and report on big data. It was architected to handle any amount of data, scaling from terabytes to petabytes on demand. Microsoft is offering a free trial of HDInsight, check it out. Those who are familiar working with Hadoop concepts can now easily work with HDInsight.

Cloud Platform System (CPS) provides an Azure-consistent cloud-in-a-box, delivering Azure innovation and software-defined datacenter in a converged system. Powered by Dell, it provides a self-service, multi-tenant cloud environment for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Azure Search is a fully managed, cloud-based service that allows developers to build rich search applications using REST APIs to provide powerful and sophisticated search capabilities into their website or mobile applications.

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